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Sony Ericsson C902 cybershot

photo © Sony Ericsson
The Sony Ericsson C902 cybershot used in the movie: Titanium silver limited edition
photo © Sony Ericsson

photo © Sony Ericsson
Sony Ericsson C902 cybershot
photo © Sony Ericsson

In the 2008 James Bond movie Quantum of Solace, Daniel Craig uses once again a Sony Ericsson mobile phone, this time a C902 Cyber-shot in Titanium silver edition.

The C902 Cyber-shot phone is used throughout the film by James Bond to capture evidence and assist the agent on his mission. The 5MP camera, with a unique slide-out lens cover, illuminated touch icons providing quick and easy access to camera options, Face detection, Photo flash and Auto focus enables James Bond to send high resolution shots back to MI6 for quick recognition of his enemies.

The phone also offers BestPic which allows users to take nine pictures of a moving object simultaneously and choose the best shot to use, plus Picture blogging for uploading photos to blogsites and PictBridge for printing direct to a printer, without the need for a PC or laptop.

The phone will be available for a limited period and include a memory card loaded with a host of interactive 007 content and a spy-style game. In addition, the full colour trailer of the film, behind-the-scenes interviews with the stars and exclusive content such as wallpapers and screen savers will be available on the phone and the memory card.

In August 2006, Sony Ericsson also teamed up with James Bond to launch the limited edition James Bond Casino Royale silver K800i Cyber-shot camera phone, and Vesper used a white M600i. In November 2002 the Sony Ericsson P800 and Sony Ericsson T68i mobile phones were used by several of the cast in the 20th James Bond film, Die Another Day.

Thanks to Duncan, Aleks, Houman and Bakr for the alert

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Just bought one today absolutely fantastic great phone the bond content that comes with it is awesome

This phone is great! I got mine yesterday... :) A bluetooth headset and a cardreader was also included. I love it!

I love this phone. I got mine about three weeks ago and it is great.

Where in North America, specifically Canada, can I buy this mobile? I fell in love with it while watching QoS & knew I just had to have it! Does anyone also know if it's available in Greece or Cyprus? Many thanks from a desperate Bond fan lol.

I just bought the phone today. My first Sony Ericsson phone after using Nokia for so many years. Will take some time getting used to the interface of Sony Ericsson. Nonetheless, the 007 contents in the phone is fantastic! The phone looks really great. Its compact and lightweight too! It came with a bluetooth headset emblazoned with the 007 logo.. How cool is that!! I love this phone and it is a must have for Bond fanatics everywhere!

I was inches away from buying this amazing phone until I found a phone which is even more amazing...the Sony Ericsson c905. The c905 has an 8.1mp camera, FM radio, PSP media setup with some really fun games including Need For Speed Pro Street, amazing and easily downloadable content, wi-fi, and built in navi software which uses Google maps, unlike the c902's navi software which you need a GPS adapter to use...MI6 would like you to think that the c902 doesn't require this adapter ;) It also has the capability for a 16gb M2 card which will hold up to 54,000 pictures, 80 hours of video, or over 4,000 songs. The c905 runs about $540 and is readily available on eBay with some fun little accessories to go along with it. Just like the c902, the c905 is worth every penny.

You'll see that I wrote a review of the c905 only 20 days ago but my opinion on these current model phones has changed. I experienced software problems like the buttons randomly quit working and hardware problems like the speaker quit working and the gyroscope got stuck, keeping the screen forever in the sideways position. I have heard countless reviews stating that I'm not alone with these problems, the sad part is I loved the c905 so much I owned two, both were problem children. Just wait until these "legally" come out in your country and they may not have these bugs anymore, that's what I plan on doing.

I finally got a c905 that isn't falling apart. I'm pretty pleased with this one actually. Annoyingly, Sony just launched their newest model in Europe called the Idou. I would've waited to get the Idou if I would've known anything about it. It's a touchscreen smart phone that looks a lot like the iPhone but the most shocking thing I noticed was a 12.1mp camera! Look it up, it's amazing.

Where can I buy this phone (the Bond version) in Canada?

Phone takes good picture, how ever I have found after using it for a while now the speaker for the ringing etc has blown and this is also the case with the same handset of other people i know

I have an as new QOS Titanium version of the C902 up for auction on EBay. If you are interested in taking a look check it out at the following (Item No: 150460434108) -


I've been commenting on here for a few years now and I try to keep everyone up to date on the latest Bond gadgets but MGM has not been keeping us up to date on Bond so allow me to fill in the gaps in the direction I think he would've went. Everyone's heard my opinion of my C902 and C905 but I now have the Satio with the 12.1mp camera and 32gb of memory. It's a beautiful phone as the case with the C series but the difference is they left the actual phone business to Nokia. It runs off Nokia smartphone technology. It still retains Walkman and Cybershot software but for the main bits, all Nokia. This solves a lot of problems the C series had but adds some. For instance, navigating through the phone is very tricky, even after having used it constantly for two weeks. It doesn't have EQ adjustments in the Walkman for some reason. The camera seems to have less options. and it loses unimportant settings some times. On the upside, downloading media settings is way easier than on the C's and it gets much better reception. It also feels more solid than the C's which is nice because the 905 felt like a toy. I would recomend the Satio to anyone since you can find them online for under $300 now. Enjoy

Just got mine today! review to come.

p.s. hi Tess.

Lost my Satio! It actually led to a great discovery though. As my contract with AT&T has been up for three years, I was able to upgrade to the Sony Ericsson Xperia X10a. As a person who's never used Droid enabled phones before, I was confused at first but it was much easier to figure out than any previous phone. The Xperia is absolutely amazing, which is something I had a hard time saying about previous SE's. I have to make this post quick, so I will end with some suggested apps. Pandora. Find My Droid (includes options to text a code to your own phone from someone elses, which then send a GPS location to that phone via Google Maps. It also includes the option to erase the memory.) Bubble Blaster. Multicon (Gives you more app and widget space on the homescreen.) Google Navigation and Places (Get both, trust me.) TiKL (Kind of like a walkie talkie service.) XPERIA FlashLight (Allows you instant access to your camera's LED light. No Lock (Allows you to disable the locking system for easy access and gives you the option to lock your phone with a code. Viper Smart Start (If you have a Viper alarm on your car or are a customer of, it allows you to control all available functions of your home or automotive alarm and remote start system from anywhere in the world. You can even view your home cameras.)

I have owned this phone for around a year now, but during that time it has been replaced and repaired countless times. it has a tendancy to switch of then not switch back on, fingers crossed the one ive got now lasts a bit longer!
Despite these problems, I really like this phone and when I switched to a touch screen phone of a different make, I just wanted this phone back.

Hello, I have recently purchased one of these stock, but it was missing the M2 memory card. Could someone share the contents with me that I could add to my phone? Thanks, Mike
Do you by chance still have the original M2 memory card that came with the original James Bond downloadable content? Thanks, Mike

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