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ZiO FoneMate SIM Card Manager


A FoneMate SIM Card Managers was used by James Bond in the movie Casino Royale, when he tries to access Molaka's SIM card on M's laptop.

FoneMate SIM Card Managers can read and write to all common SIM cards. Updating your phone book, transferring data and pictures from your mobile phone to your PC has never been easier. Sync your mobile phone contact list to Microsoft Outlook.

This item is still available on ($18.98, update: currently sold out, now only sometimes on eBay.

Technical Details:
- Model: CM-43000
- Hardware Platform: PC

Bond is sitting on a Herman Miller Aeron chair in M's apartment when he is using this device.

Thanks to sruzgar for the alert

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I have purchased one of these units, the problems is for us who are constantly in the future and use Vista this unit can not be used, The software that comes with it is for XP users, I also have Xp on another computer and the interface software is old and should be updated, I recommend using other Sim card reading software that is more in the 2008 than from 1998. Obviously MI6 uses an older operating system

I also purchased one of these except I got the SD/SIM reader and found the accompanying software was unable to work with Vista. To top the cake, the Zio Corp was bought up in late 2005 and you can NOT get updated software. I wouldn't reccomend this disaster to anyone.

Is anybody able to recomend a similar and 'up to date' product with these or better features?

It should work with XP and Vista also.


The only similar up-to-date product I can recomend to replace this is simply to just buy Sony Ericsson's new C902 or C905. They aren't very expensive anymore and they come with a wonderful computer program that can import and/or edit your contacts, import/export pictures, videos, music, software, games, etc. It also has the update manager necessary for your phone to not freeze up and then have to send it to Sony for repairs (like me). One of the other coolest programs it has, is the internet connection tool. It's very useful for people on the go because it uses your phone's media plan to access the internet through your computer. Needless to say it's not as fast as DSL but it's also nothing to gripe over! WONDERFUL software.

I found a product similar to the FoneMate at the Post Exchange where I'm stationed. It's called the Cellular Phonebook Backup Pal. It doesn't save your contacts to your computer, but rather a kind of portable data storage device. I seriously doubt it does all the fun stuff that Casino Royale showed the FoneMate doing, but then again, I haven't really done much research on it. Good luck, it's got to be better than this piece of junk.

It appears that this product is behind the times. With that being said, is there a computer app that provides the info Bond was abe to obtain in Casino Royale? It appeared as if the app he used was able to map out locations (automatically) where calls originated from and were place to, based on the information on the sim card.

There are plenty of similar apps out there that can be downloaded on an iPhone and Droid enable phone. If you go to the Droid Marketplace you can find tons of these apps. Technology is amazing these days.

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