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N.Peal 007 Superfine Roll Neck Sweater


The N.Peal 007 Superfine Roll Neck Sweater was already part of the Bond Cashmere Collection that was launched in 2019, but is now also part of the new Bond Woman Collection.

The piece is inspired by the sweater worn by Tilly Masterson (played by Tania Mallet) in the movie Goldfinger (1964) when she wants to avenge the murder of her sister Jill by killing Goldfinger.

The sweater that inspired the N.Peal sweater is worn when Tilly Masterson sneaks up to Goldfinger's factory at night but accidentally trips the alarm. It's part of an all black outfit, to stay camouflaged during her attack. She wears the sweater until she is killed by Oddjob's hat.

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The N.Peal 007 Superfine Roll Neck Sweater is part of the 2020 N.Peal 007 Bond Woman cashmere collection that was launched in June 2020. The collection celebrates Bond women with pieces that are inspired by items worn in classic Bond films by Honey Ryder, Pussy Galore, Tilly Masterson and Holly Goodhead. The N.Peal cashmere t-shirt seen in No Time To Die is the only item that was worn in a Bond film.

All pieces in the N.Peal Bond Woman cashmere collection are finished with an N.Peal 007 stitched label and exclusive swing ticket. Each Bond purchase will arrive gift wrapped in N.Peal's 007 custom packaging.

NPeal 007 collection packaging

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