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Q's laptop stickers as seen in SPECTRE now available

29 July, 2019

The stickers on Q's laptop as seen in SPECTRE are now available for purchase as a set on the official 007 store.

Q laptop SPECTRE Ben Whishaw

The set contains 4 sheets with twenty permanent stickers with similar designs as seen on the laptop that Q uses in the film.

Q laptop stickers in SPECTRE for sale

Q (played by Ben Whishaw) uses a Clevo P151SM1 gaming laptop (also branded as a Sager NP8235).

q laptop stickers back side

One of three screenused original film laptops was sold at the Christie's SPECTRE auction in 2016 for £7500.

Get the Q laptop stickers now on the official 007 Store for £12.50 (approximately $15 / €14).

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It's a shame really, I adore Q's stickers and had high hopes from them coming from the official 007 store, but the quality of the stickers is abhorrent. The image started to peel off of the sticker backing and while the stickers themselves are satisfyingly thick with great adhesive, the image had come off of at least three of them within the week. There isn't a way of commenting on their online store, but perhaps leaving a comment here will dissuade any Q fans from purchasing these stickers.
It isn't there.
Ahhh I wanted them. Q is my all-time favourite 007 character.
And I've looked every where and there are no others on any website.

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