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Univo U5 C1 eyeglasses

Univo 5 C1 eyeglasses

Q (Ben Whishaw) wears a pair of Univo U5 C1 eyeglasses in SkyFall (2012) and SPECTRE (2015).

The glasses have a black / clear (transparent) gradient frame and two dots next to the lenses. The product code is 5 or U5, and the colour code is C1.

One of the glasses used in the films is currently on display at the Bond In Motion 'Cars of SPECTRE' exhibition in London (see image on the left), which confirmed the exact prodict and color code of the glasses.

The glasses are quite affordable, available online for approximately £30 (excl. prescription lenses). Get them with prescription lenses or clear lenses (if you want to wear them just as a fashion statement) at (I bought my pair here and I received the same model as Q's glasses) or

No Time To Die
In the movie No Time To Die, Q has upgraded his glasses to a pair of Moscot Mensch eyeglasses.

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I have broken frames univo u511 c1 55 #18. If I send lenses can you fit into new frames and how much total. Many Thanks. Michael.
im interested in buying the univo u 5 c1. I wood like to no the price. thank you....
I want to buy this frame

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