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Select styles of the Orlebar Brown 007 Collection back in stock


Some of the most popular Orlebar Brown 007 collection pieces are now back in stock, including the Goldfinger-inspired towelling all-in-one and Thunderball swim shorts.

Orlebar Brown 007 Collection new stock

The 007 collection, which was launched in May 2019, is available online and it includes shirts, shorts and other classic pieces seen in early James Bond films. From swimming trunks, polo shirts and a toweling robe worn by Sean Connery, to a safari jacket worn by Roger Moore as James Bond. This is a unique official collaboration between 007 and a clothing brand to recreate a wide variety of iconic Bond pieces for a modern audience.

Some pieces sold out almost immediately in popular sizes, but now Orlebar Brown has restocked them, most notably the Goldfinger onesie.

Goldfinger onesie Orlebar Brown 007

This unique men’s beach all-in-one was inspired by a similar style worn by Bond to investigate Goldfinger’s suite at the Fontainebleau Hotel in Miami, where he meets Jill Masterson in Goldfinger. The onesie is made from Orlebar Brown's signature cotton towelling with self-fabric belt, fastened by a gold-effect clasp.

In the film, Bond first only wears blue swim shorts (also available), but when Felix Leiter arrives, Bond puts on this all-in-one over it.

Orlebar Brown Goldfinger All-in-one 007 Collection

Orlebar Brown 007 Collection, Goldfinger All-in-one, toweling fabric, belt and buckle

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Also back in stock are the popular blue Thunderball swim shorts, inspired by the belted Jantzen swim shorts worn by James Bond in Thunderball. Bond wears them a lot in the Bahamas when diving and meeting Domino.

Orlebar Brown Thunderball swim shorts 007 belted blue

Orlebar Brown 007 Collection Thunderball swim shorts

Even though the Orlebar Brown shorts have belt loops like the original, there is not a real belt attached to the shorts. Instead the waist band has a dark blue colour.

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Also back in stock is the pink linen capri collar shirt worn by Connery in Thunderball is a perfect addition to the blue shorts from the same collection.

Orlebar Brown 007 Collection Thunderball pink capri shirt

Orlebar Brown 007 Collection Thunderball pink capri shirt

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You can complete this Thunderball look with the Espadrilles beach shoes, similar to the pair worn by Sean Connery in Thunderball when he meets Domino (worn with the blue shorts and pink shirt).

The last item that has been restocked is the safari shirt worn by Connery in Diamonds Are Forever - recreated by Orlebar Brown in a sand colour toweling fabric, including chest pockets and but with a slightly smaller collar than the original 70s style collar seen in the film.

Orlebar Brown 007 Collection Diamonds Are Forever shirt

Orlebar Brown 007 Collection Diamonds Are Forever shirt

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