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Official video: on set with BOND 25 in Jamaica


A first official behind the scenes video was just released, showing more details of BOND 25 filming in Jamaica that took place in April and May.

Bond 25 set Cary Fukunaga Daniel Craig Jamaica

Daniel Craig and Cary Fukunaga

The 1-minute video features director Cary Fukunaga at work and actors Daniel Craig (James Bond), Jeffrey Wright (Felix Leiter) and Lashana Lynch (Nomi) on set.

Nomi Lashana Lynch Bond 25 set behind the scenes

Lashana Lynch as Nomi on the set of BOND 25

Jeffrey Wright

Jeffrey Wright with Heineken in a Jamaican bar on the set of BOND 25

In the short clip of Jeffrey Wright, we can spot Heineken bottles on the bar, confirming Heineken will be back in the film, with Felix probably drinking it and possibly Bond as well in Jamaica (while we are still wonderijng if we will see the local brew Red Stripe, as seen in Dr No, which is currently partly owned by Heineken).

Bond 25 Land Rover Defender Daniel Craig

Daniel Craig as James Bond drives a Land Rover Defender

The video also confirmed that we'll see James Bond driving in a Land Rover Defender and wearing the outfits that we saw earlier in spy photos, including the Vuarnet sunglasses.

Watch the full video here, featuring the song Boom Shot Dis, by Kully B / Gussy G:

For all the products so far spotted on set, read the BOND 25 guide to products.

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