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James Bond takes to the seas on a Spirit Yacht in Bond 25


In a new BOND 25 scene filmed in Jamaica this week, Daniel Craig was spotted in a leisurely outfit sailing a new Spirit Yacht.

James Bond 25 Spirit Yacht 45 Jamaica Daniel Craig

Daniel Craig filming in Jamaica on a Spirit Yacht, wearing a grey t-shirt, his (Vuarnet 06?) sunglasses and navy shorts

In BOND 25, James Bond once more sails a Spirit Yacht, while enjoying his time in Jamaica. The yacht might be a new Spirit 45 (as the number is mentioned on the sail, but this is not confirmed yet). The yacht is from the same makers as the Spirit 54 Yacht 'Soufrière' from Casino Royale (2006), but with a dark blue hull instead of the super-light blue of the 54, and if it is indeed a '45' Yacht, then it's much smaller (45ft compared to 54ft).

The brand and model of the grey t-shirt in Jamaica are not yet known. The t-shirt was made to look old and used (holes in one of the sleeves), showing clearly that James Bond is enjoying a casual retirement in the Caribbean.

Also nearby was Craig's stunt double Jean-Charles Rousseau, who was wearing two outfits: one similar to Craig with the grey t-shirt, (Vuarnet?) sunglasses and blue swim trunks and the other outfit with similar shorts but a pink shirt and different sunglasses.

Daniel Craig stunt double Jean-Charles Rousseau Jamaica Bond 25

Daniel Craig's stunt double for Bond 25 on the set in Jamaica

The pink shirt and latter sunglasses might not be part of the final film, as they were not seen on Craig (yet), but the pink shirt is reminiscent of Sean Connery's Bahamas shirt in Thunderball, so perhaps it will be part of Bond's wardrobe.

Sperry boat shoesThe boat shoes were spotted earlier this week on Daniel Craig and will most likely be in the film, they are brown (tan) Sperry Gold Cup Authentic Original Rivingston Boat Shoes (available on Amazon for approx $150).

Daniel Craig looked very similar to his appearance in Casino Royale, when Bond enters Venice with Vesper (Eva Green) on a Spirit 54 Yacht wearing a Sunspel grey melange t-shirt (currently 20% OFF at Sunspel) and Persol 2720 sunglasses. At the end of Casino Royale, Bond calls M from the boat, wearing a Sunspel White V-Neck shirt and black cardigan.

James Bond Casino Royale Spirit Yacht 54 Venice Souffriere

Daniel Craig sailing the Spirit 54 Soufrière yacht in Casino Royale

BOND 25 filming really got started past weekend with Daniel Craig and Jeffrey Wright on set in the streets of Port Antonio in Jamaica, see the photos here.

Stay tuned on this page and the BOND 25 Guide for more ID updates!

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The number on the sail doesn’t mean anything regarding length, it could mean the number of production of that boat (i.e. the 45th Spirit 46 built). The symbol and making on the boom confirm it is a Spirit, probably a 44E or a 46 from the look of it.

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