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Crockett & Jones release James 007 Limited Edition shoe to celebrate No Time To Die

25 September, 2020

Crockett & Jones have revealed the styles that will appear in No Time To Die, and a 007 Limited Edition shoe, the 'James'.

James Bond is not only the world’s most famous secret agent, he is also the world’s best dressed. Before 007, the archetypal secret agent was draped in a long coat, eyes hidden beneath a wide-brimmed hat. James Bond changed all that.

Bond’s wardrobe is an integral part of his character, and it is the tuxedo that stands as his most celebrated look.

“The tuxedo is the most iconic of the James Bond wardrobe looks,” says No Time To Die’s costume designer, Suttirat Anne Larlarb, “and the finishing touch to the tuxedo is, of course, the right pair of shoes. A shoe will finish off any look and make it perfect from a visual standpoint.”

When Bond walks into a room he has to be immaculate and sharp, but also subtle. Elegant, yet understated.

SkyFall was the first movie in which James Bond wore Crockett & Jones shoes: the Crockett & Jones Alex with his tuxedo, the Tetbury in Turkey, the Highbury in many other (London) scenes and the Islay in the Scotland action scenes.

In SPECTRE he also wore the Alex with his tuxedo, the Norwich in Mexico and the Camberley in Rome.

Introducing the James

To celebrate this partnership and the new movie No Time To Die, Crockett & Jones are proud to announce the 007 Limited Edition James model.

Crockett & Jones 'James' 007 Limited Edition, set against a wheel of an Aston Martin DB5

James pays homage to Crockett & Jones’s world-renowned wholecut Oxford (the Alex model featured in both SkyFall and SPECTRE), but Crockett & Jones have embellished the shoe’s every specification by applying its highest grade of shoemaking.

Crockett & Jones 'James' 007 Limited Edition

The James is made from the finest box calf and featuring a signature Hand Grade leather sole. The shoe is crafted from the smallest skins with the tightest break, all sourced from the finest European tanneries.

Crockett & Jones James 007 Limited Edition sole and top view

The black box calf perfectly highlights the contours of Last 348, a classic, chiselled form and arguably the most innovative last from a generation of shoemakers.

Fully leather lined, James features an all-black interior with silver foiled logo.

The James shoe is presented in exclusive 007 packaging with a chrome shoe horn, shoe brush and a pair of fully lasted, hand-made shoe trees, all embossed with the iconic 007 logo.

Exclusive 007 packaging with shoe horn, brush and hand-made shoe trees

Crockett & Jones 007 James brush shoe horn

The James comes with a chrome shoe horn, shoe brush and a pair of fully lasted, hand-made shoe trees, all embossed with 007 logo

The James will be available on 9th October 2020 (visit the Crockett & Jones page for order information) and has a retail price of £850.00 / $1,195.00.

According to Crockett & Jones, the James shoe will not be seen in the movie No Time To Die, but two other models WILL be worn by Bond.

Crockett & Jones in No Time To Die

Working closely with the 007 film makers Crockett & Jones supplied two styles to the production, the Highbury and the Molton.

Crockett Jones Highbury Molton

The Crockett & Jones Highbury (left) and the Molton wil be seen in No Time To Die

“Bond is known for his perfectly elegant comportment in all situations and in No Time To Die, Crockett & Jones’s shoes are very much a part of that equation.” continues Larlarb. The multi-award-winning costume designer notes that Crockett & Jones’s premiere lasts provided an impeccable platform from which to work.

“What separates a good custom make from a perfect one is a question of having the time to achieve that perfection,” she explains, “and we were steps ahead with Crockett & Jones’s already perfect lasts. They were able to provide for us exactly what we needed and without a hitch.”

“Working with Crockett & Jones to achieve the custom shoes we required for No Time To Die was an absolute pleasure from start to finish.”

Crockett & Jones Highbury

James Bond wears the timeless Crockett & Jones Highbury in a number of key scenes during No Time To Die.

Crockett & Jones Highbury in the flagship store on Jermyn Street, London

The shoes are for example seen in London, during a meeting with M.

Crockett & Jones Highbury M office James Bond Daniel Craig No Time To Die

James Bond in M's office, wearing a Tom Ford suit and Crockett & Jones Highury shoes in black calf

The Crockett & Jones Highbury in black calf is a plain-fronted three-eyelet Derby shoe made from the finest calf leather, featuring Crockett & Jones’s City rubber sole.

In SkyFall, Bond wore the same shoe but with a thicker Dainite sole.

Crockett & Jones Highbury black calf shoes

Crockett & Jones Highbury in black calf

The Derby is perhaps the most versatile of all shoe styles and bridges the gap between smart and smart-casual wear. James Bond wears the timeless Highbury in a number of key scenes during No Time To Die, mostly in the London scenes, but it also looks like he will wear these with his Tom Ford Tuxedo.

The Highbury in black calf is available now at a retail price of £445.00.

Buy at Crockett & Jones

Crockett & Jones Molton

The other Crocket & Jones model in No Time To Die is the Crockett & Jones Molton in dark brown rough-out suede.

Crockett Jones Molton brown Savoy Hotel bar

Crockett & Jones Molton, photographed in the Beaumont bar, Savoy Hotel, London

The Molton boots are worn in the Norway scenes in No Time To Die. With his Norway outfit, Bond also wears a Massimo Alba Duster Coat, Rag & Bone Henley shirt and corduroy trousers.

Crockett Jones Molton James Bond Daniel Craig No Time To Die

James Bond (Daniel Craig) wearing Crockett & Jones Molton shoes during the Norway scenes in No Time To Die

The Molton seen in the flm is a plain-fronted three-eyelet chukka boot made from robust and age-defying rough-out suede with Dainite rubber soles. It’s said that the chukka boot has both a sporting and a British military heritage dating back over a century and it proves the perfect choice in No Time To Die when Bond travels to Norway, giving Molton rough-out suede the tough workout for which it is made.

Crockett Jones Molton boots dainite sole brown suede

The Dainite rubber sole can be seen clearly here, and the same style sole was also worn by Bond in SkyFall and SPECTRE.

Molton is designed to be the perfect choice for winter months in the northern hemisphere.

Molton has a retail price of £395.00.

Buy at Crockett & Jones

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