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Exclusive look at the N.Peal 007 Collection Goldfinger black V-Neck Sweater and Polo Shirt

07 October, 2019

Bond Lifestyle is proud to take a first close look at two pieces of the brand new N.Peal 007 Cashmere Collection: the black V-Neck Sweater and black Polo T-shirt.

N.Peal provided me with their new black V-Neck Jumper and Polo, so I can reveal the details to you here in this exclusive preview.

N.Peal black v-neck sweater polo shirt 007 collection james bod goldfinger

N.Peal V-Neck Sweater layered over Polo T-shirt, from the 007 Cashmere Collection

N.Peal 007 Cashmere Collection

The black outfit is part of the new N.Peal 007 Cashmere Collection which celebrates more than 50 years of Bond. The collection is a dream come true for the Bond Lifestylers as it includes recreations and new interpretations of iconic pieces seen in the Bond films from all decades and all Bond actors, from the early Sean Connery films up to the latest SPECTRE movie.

Details about the pieces will be disclosed one by one in the next few days on different Bond channels. See yesterday's first post by Matt Spaiser on about another Goldfinger inspired outfit. The whole collection will be available from 18 October 2019.

The 007 Collection was first revealed simultaneously at the N.Peal boutiques in London and New York on 5 October 2019, Global James Bond Day. Bond Lifestyle had the privilege to attend the event in London to see the collection and speak with N.Peal Managing Director Adam Holdsworth (see Bond Lifestyle on Instagram for some images of the London event, and check The Bond Experience live stream for the NYC event).

NPeal James Bond 007 Collection black outfit goldfinger london store preview

The black N.Peal Goldfinger outfit on display in the N.Peal Burlington Arcade boutique on the day of the preview
photo © Bond Lifestyle


Before we look at the two black pieces, let's first recall the movie and scenes in which the outfit appears. The black N.Peal 007 v-neck jumper and polo are inspired by an outfit seen in the 1964 Bond film Goldfinger, when James Bond (Sean Connery) wears a black outfit as a camouflage.

The complete outfit worn by 007 in the Goldfinger film is a black v-neck sweater, layered over a black polo shirt, dark grey wool trousers, black socks and black leather shoes, which look like low-profile Chelsea boots.

Goldfinger Sean Connery James Bond laser black v-neck sweater polo shirt

The famous scene with Goldfinger, Bond and a laser
photo © EON, United Artists, Danjaq

The first moment we see James Bond wearing this dark outfit is when he sneaks up Goldfinger’s plant in Switzerland at night. He overhears Goldfinger explaining how he smuggles the gold in his Rolls-Royce Phantom III, and mentioning “Operation Grand Slam”. But when Bond leaves he encounters Tilly Masterson and they trip an alarm. Bond tries to escape in his Aston Martin DB5, but is eventually captured.

In the next scene Bond is tied to a steel and gold table, and Goldfinger is planning to slice Bond in half with a laser. But James Bond mentions “Operation Grand Slam”, causing Goldfinger to spare Bond's life.

Then we see Bond, still wearing the same outfit, when he wakes up with Pussy Galore in Goldfinger's Lockheed JetStar private jet that brings him to Goldfinger’s stud farm near Louisville, Kentucky. In the airplane, James Bond finally gets the chance to clean up. He first shaves with a Gillette razor (which contains a tracking device that he puts in his shoe) and then we see him appear in his famous Anthony Sinclair three-piece suit.

Sean Connery James Bond Goldfinger v-neck sweater jumper polo shirt black gillette razor

James Bond (Sean Connery) wearing the black outfit in Goldfinger's airplane (image slightly enhanced to see the shape of the v-neck and polo shirt more clearly)
photo © EON, United Artists, Danjaq

N.Peal’s interpretation of the v-neck and polo for their 007 Collection is trying to stay close to the details we see in the film, while giving them a modern update.

NPeal V-Neck Polo 007 Collection Bond Lifestyle Stoke Park Hole 18

The N.Peal 007 Goldfinger V-Neck Sweater and Polo worn by yours truly at the 18th hole at Stoke Park, location of the Goldfinger golf match
photo © Bond Lifestyle

N.Peal Fine Gauge V-Neck Sweater, Black, NPG-544JB

N.Peal is famous for its cashmere, so it’s no surprise that all the items in the collection are (at least partly) cashmere. This fine gauge black V-Neck Sweater is made from 70% cashmere and 30% silk. This is a wonderful fabric combination giving a luxurious, soft feel and a subtle shine.

N.Peal Goldfinger Logo Sweater 007 Collection Jumper James Bond

The V of the N.Peal jumper is smaller than the Bond's film version
photo © Bond Lifestyle

The polo and sweater feel very light and comfortable, snug but not too tight. The v-neck sweater in the film has a much lower V, showing all three buttons, while the new N.Peal sweater is much higher, showing only one or two buttons.

N.Peal 007 black v-neck sweater and polo shirt worn by Bond Lifestyle

Wearing the new N.Peal 007 Goldfinger V-Neck Sweater and Polo at Stoke Park, location of the Goldfinger golf match
photo © Bond Lifestyle

The fabric is very light and delicate - more fine than the original item from Bond. The 30% silk gives it extra strength and the cashmere makes sure that this will keep you warm but the fabric will also breath.

cuff black v-neck sweater james bond sean connery goldfinger

The original cuffs and fabric are seen clearly in the film when Bond finds the spy mirror on the jet airplane
photo © EON, United Artists, Danjaq

N Peal V Neck Sweater Sleeve 007 Collection

Close-up of the cuffs of the v-neck sweater
photo © Bond Lifestyle

N.Peal Fine Gauge Polo Shirt, Black, NPG-461JB

The N.Peal Fine Gauge Polo Shirt is also made from 70% cashmere and 30% silk, the same fabric as the V-Neck Sweater. So just like the sweater, the polo feels incredibly soft and light.

N Peal V Neck Sweater Jumper Polo Shirt 007 Collection

The polo and v-neck are both made from 70% cashmere and 30% silk
photo © Bond Lifestyle

The polo shirt has three buttons, just like the shirt in the film.

N Peal Polo Shirt 007 logo fine gauge cashmere

Each item from the collection has the N.Peal 007 logo in the label
photo © Bond Lifestyle

The black short sleeve polo is a great item as it also reminds me of another Bond look: that of Sean Connery sneaking around Shrublands wearing a black long sleeve polo (with sleeves rolled up) in the 1965 movie Thunderball. This outfit was one of the first that I recreated to look more like Bond, and got me into the Bond Lifestyle many years ago.

Both the black sweater as the polo are easy to wear on many occasions, making them ideal subtle Bond garments for everyday use.

N peal v-neck sweater and polo stoke park bond lifestyle

The N.Peal 007 Goldfinger V-Neck Sweater and Polo worn with grey wool pants  at Stoke Park, location of the Goldfinger golf match
photo © Bond Lifestyle

Both N.Peal items are great when worn layered, but also work separately. The black v-neck can also be worn with a white dress shirt for example, similar to Bond’s Shanghai outfit in SkyFall.

All items from the 007 Collection are thoroughly branded with 007 logo's on all the labels and packaging. The large black box has a black bow, N.Peal 007 Collection logo in white, and is closed with a black 007 'seal' sticker.

NPeal packaging 007 bag box collection James Bond

The pieces in the collection come in a large, stylish box with N.Peal 007 logo and bow
photo © Bond Lifestyle

Each item inside is wrapped in 007 paper.

007 paper NPeal Collection

007 branded paper and black sticker protects each piece inside the box
photo © Bond Lifestyle

The polo shirt is priced at £199 while the sweater costs £295. Both are available on 18 October 2019 in store and on together with the rest of the collection.

Fine Gauge Polo Shirt, Black, £199
70% Cashmere 30% Silk NPG-461JB

Shop now

Fine Gauge V-Neck Sweater, Black, £295
70% Cashmere 30% Silk NPG-544JB

Shop now

N Peal v neck and polo 007 collection Bond Lifestyle Stoke Park

Here I am wearing the 007 N.Peal v-neck sweater and polo with a Barbour X To Ki To jacket and Vuarnet Edge 1613 sunglasses at Stoke Park
photo © Bond Lifestyle


With many thanks to N.Peal for providing me with the black v-neck sweater and polo shirt and the great event in London, The Gentleman Racer team for photography at Stoke Park, and to The Bond Experience (see his review of the Goldfinger outfit here), From Sweden With Love, James Bond Magasinet, ACE and others for making the launch weekend in London even more special. Also check out Matt Spaiser’s excellent The Suits Of James Bond website for some more detailed info about the original Goldfinger outfit and the Goldfinger three piece from N.Peal.

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