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Aston Martin DB5 to appear in Rocket League game for a limited time

29 July, 2021

An Aston Martin DB5 will be available from the 29th of July to the 4th of August on the Rocket League video game.

Aston Martin DB5 to appear in Rocket League game 1

Rocket League is a video game described as 'soccer, but with rocket-powered cars'.

Q has been hard at work in the lab developing this perfect new vehicle for 'Soccar'. The Aston Martin DB5 has been outfitted with rocket boost and an Octane hitbox, and is now ready to go airborne and score goals.

Aston Martin DB5 to appear in Rocket League game 2

The DB5 is part of a bundle that includes the wheels, a unique engine audio, the signature Silver Birch paintjob and a Reel Life decal. These items can only be equipped on the Aston Martin DB5 and the costs 1100 credits in the Item Store.

The car has been outfitted with the same licence plate A 4269 00 as seen in the upcoming 007 movie No Time To Die.

The officially licenced appearance of the famous Bond car is thanks to a deal with MGM.

Watch a cool trailer for the DB5 in Rocket League, which is set in the No Time To Die filming location of Matera:

The James Bond 007 Aston Martin DB5 will only be available for a limited time (until August 4th) in the game, although it was also announced that "James Bond will return" with more Bond related cars to the game later in the year, most likely coinciding with the release of the No Time To Die movie.

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