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007 Legends (video game)

photo © Activision
007 Legends, PlayStation 3
photo © Activision

photo © Activision
007 Legends, Xbox 360
photo © Activision

007 Legends is a James Bond action-adventure first-person shooter video game, developed by Eurocom for the PlayStation 3, Xbox 360 and Nintendo Wii U, and is released in October 2012.

A first-of-its-kind Bond video game, 007 Legends features an original, overarching storyline tying together six classic Bond movies: Moonraker, On Her Majesty's Secret Service, Die Another Day, Licence to Kill, Goldfinger and concluding with this year's 50th anniversary of the James Bond film franchise and the highly-anticipated 23rd installment, SkyFall.

As with the feature films, 007 Legends equips players with state-of-the-art spy gadgets, an arsenal of weapons, including Bond's signature Walther PPK, and sleek vehicles as they jet off to exotic locations and utilize Bond's quick wits, class and style to take down notorious villains and their brutal henchmen, perform impressive stunts, and of course... mingle with gorgeous Bond women.

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In addition to 007 Legends' main story, the game will feature the return of fan-favorite single-player Mi6 Ops Missions, which debuted in GoldenEye 007: Reloaded and challenges players to complete extra missions ranging from all-out action to stealth and gadget-based gameplay and compete for the highest online leader board scores. For the first time ever, players will be able to participate as one of Bond's cohorts or villainous foes, reliving the missions through their eyes, as well as 007's. The robust James Bond multiplayer experience includes local four-player split-screen game modes and online competitive gameplay with new maps, weapons and characters derived from Bond's 50 year legacy. With more gadgets, deeper stealth and spy investigation gameplay, gamers will have every opportunity to truly feel like the world's favorite spy.

007 Legends teaser trailers
Watch the first mission trailer: "Moonraker":

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