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Playmobil releases James Bond Aston Martin DB5 with gadgets and figures

03 August, 2021

After the popular Lego Aston Martin DB5, Bond fans can now look forward to this new large toy DB5: a Playmobil James Bond Aston Martin DB5.

Playmobil Aston Martin DB5 James Bond 007

The Playmobil James Bond Aston Martin DB5 set features 007's iconic modified car from 1964's Goldfinger movie alongside characters and accessories from the film.

The car is designed for all ages to enjoy. The set lets you eject figures through the sunroof and defend yourself with a range of film-matched toy weapons.

The set contains four individual figures: James Bond, Auric Goldfinger, Oddjob and a Goldfinger henchman.

Playmobil James Bond Aston martin DB5 figures

The car features a removable roof, ejectable left passenger seat, swivelling number plates and hidden (non-working) machine guns behind headlights. All tyres are equipped with retractable tyre blocks.

playmobil james bond db5 gadgets

The front and rear bumpers are extendable and a bulletproof shield at the rear of the vehicle offers protection.

The DB5 is available at the for £69.95 or Entertainment Earth ($85), for shipping October 2021.

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The release follows other Playmobil on-screen cars like the Back To The Future DMC DeLorean (available at Amazon) and the Marty's black pickup truck from Back To The Future (also at Amazon), and The A-Team van (available at Entertainment Earth).

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