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Music in the James Bond movie No Time To Die

17 November, 2021

In this article I'll list all the songs that can be heard in the 25th Bond film No Time To Die, including the reggae song in Jamaica and Q's cooking music.

No Time To Die songs music reggae soundtrack

spoiler alert - parts of the storyline are mentioned in this article

Of course the main score is what we hear most of the time in the movie, created by famous composer Hans Zimmer. The score features the main theme song No Time To Die by Billie Eilish.

But here I want to not focus on the score, but on the other music that can be heard throughout the film.


Dalida - Dans la ville endormie

Madeleine's Mother CD Player song

The first song we can hear in the film, after the gun barrel sequence, is a song by Dalida called 'Dans la ville endormie'. The song is playing on the Bang & Olufsen BeoSound Ouverture Sound System CD player in the house of Madeleine and her mother.

Dalida (17 January 1933 - 3 May 1987) was a French singer and actress, born in Egypt to Italian parents. Singing in 10 languages, she is the most internationally successful French performer of all time.

The song Dans la ville endormie was part of the album Le temps des fleurs that was released in 1968.

The dramatic song, which emphasises the sad emotional state of Madeleine's mom, plays for quite some time, while Safin approaches and enters the house.


Teacha Dee - Rastafari Way

Playing on the streets in Jamaica

When James Bond drives from his Jamaican house to Port Antonio in his Land Rover Series III, he passes two people, and not just any people, that are playing a Reggae song on what looks like home made sound system with several speakers mounted on a bicycle.

One of the people that Bond passes and briefly looks at, is no other than Nomi, secret agent 007, played by Lashana Lynch, who Bond will meet later that evening.

nomi lashana lynch first appearance cameo reggae song jamaica no time to die

Nomi is standing net to her white scooter, together with the man with the bicycle, who seems to be a flower salesman. Nomi is already wearing part of her Jamaica Outfit with the white Isabel Marant top, Tom Ford Whyat sunglasses and black Givenchy sandals but instead of the Loewe cargo trousers she wears a long and colourful sarong.

The song that we can hear for only a few seconds is the 2016 song Rastafari Way written and performed by Teacha Dee (real name Damion Darrel Warren).

Jamaican born Damion Darrel Warren left his teacher job to become a musician and currently lives in Germany. The song Rastafari Way was part of a compilation project by Giddimani Productions, and was recorded by the Austrian House Of Riddim band. He is best known for the singles Smoke and Fly, Reggae Souljahs and Smuggling Weed.

Read more about the song on ReggaeVille and read more about the life and career  of Teacha Dee on


Buju Banton - Champion

First song playing in the Jamaican club

After seeing Nomi briefly during the Teacha Dee song, we get another look at Nomi (without being introduced to her properly) in the Jamaican club where Bond, Felix Leiter and Logan Ash have their meeting.

The first song that plays in the club while Nomi walks across the dance floor, and Bond Leiter and Ash sit down for a Heineken, is reggae dancehall song Champion, by Buju Banton.

Buju Banton is the stage name for Mark Anthony Myrie (born 15 July 1973), a Jamaican reggae dancehall recording artist who has been active for decades. The song Champion was released in 1995 by The Island Def Jam Music Group.


Shaggy - Money Up (feat. Noah Powa)

Second song playing in Jamaican Club

When James Bond takes Felix Leiter to the bar for a stronger drink and a private talk away from Ash, is the song Money Up by Shaggy feturing Noah Powa.

Money Up is a song from the album Wah Gwaan?!, the twelfth studio album by Kingston-born Jamaican dancehall artist Shaggy. The album was released in May 2019, right at the time that No Time To Die was being filmed in Jamaica.

Shaggy is best known for his hits It Wasn't Me, Boombastic, In The Summertime, Oh Carolina, and Angel.

And fun fact: it's Commander Shaggy actually. In 2007, Shaggy was awarded the Jamaican Order of Distinction with the rank of Commander.

Shaggy enlisted in the United States Marine Corps in 1988 and obtained the MOS of 0811 (Field Artillery Cannon Crewman). He served mostly with 5th Battalion, 10th Marines, which he deployed with to Saudi Arabia for the 1991 liberation of Kuwait.


Yma Sumac - Incacho (Royal Anthem)

Q's cooking music at his house

While he is preparing a romantic dinner at his house, Q is listening to the 1953 song Incacho (Royal Anthem) by Yma Sumac.

The music possibly plays on his elaborate sound system which can just be spotted next to his computer desk, which includes a large synthesizer system and a Pioneer DJ DDJ200 controller.

The song immediately sets the humourous tone for the scene where Bond and Moneypenny disrupt the nice evening that Q is preparing.

Yma Sumac (September 13, 1922  - November 1, 2008) was a Peruvian coloratura soprano, which might seem an obscure choice for the film.

But Sumac's was a well known artist in the 1950s, 1970s and 1980s and her popular profile rose again in the 1990s when the song Ataypura was featured in the Coen Brothers film The Big Lebowski.

The song Gopher Mambo by Yma Sumac was used in the films Ordinary Decent Criminal, Happy Texas, Spy Games, and Confessions of a Dangerous Mind, among others. Gopher Mambo was used in an act of the Cirque Du Soleil show Quidam, as a musical motif in the Russian show Kukhnya(along with "Bo Mambo" and "Taki Rari"), and in an iPhone commercial in 2020. Her song Bo Mambo appeared in a commercial for Kahlúa liquor and was sampled for the song Hands Up by The Black Eyed Peas. The songs Goomba Boomba and Malambo No. 1 appeared in Death to Smoochy. A sample from Malambo No.1 was used in Robin Thicke's Everything I Can't Have. Sumac is also mentioned in the lyrics of the 1980s song Joe le taxi by Vanessa Paradis, and her album Mambo! is the record that Belinda Carlisle pulls out of its jacket in the video for Mad About You.


Louis Armstrong - We Have All The Time In The World

Final song of the movie and end credits

Louis Armstrong's We Have All The Time In The World is the James Bond theme song for the 1967 movie On Her Majesty's Secret Service which became a popular song. The music was composed by John Barry who composed the scores for eleven of the James Bond films between 1963 and 1987.

The song title is taken from James Bond's final words in both the novel and the film, spoken after the death of Tracy Bond, his wife.

In No Time To Die, Bond says to Madeleine Swann that she has all the time in the world right before the dramatic ending of the film.

The instrumental version of the theme reappears twice in No Time to Die, and the lyrical variation is played at the beginning of the closing credits.


Other songs and complete list

The official MGM Music channel on YouTube has created a great playlist for all the songs played in No Time To Die, listen to it here.

Here's the list of songs that appear in the film and I have added the moment that the songs appears.

Dans la ville endormie
Opening song on Bang & Olufsen CD player

Louis Attaque
J't'emmène au vent
Norway house

Julian Nott
Incidental 21 - from The Wrong Trousers
Cartoon music on tv

Enrico Caruso
La Boheme: Che gelida manina
Music in hotel room Matera

Quiete Eterna

Teacha Dee
Rastafari Way
On the road in Jamaica

Sister Nancy
Bam Bam
Playing while Bond, Leiter and Ash walk to the club in Jamaica

Buju Banton
Club in Jamaica

Money Up (feat. Noah Powa)
Club in Jamaica

La Sonora Matancera
Cumbia De Buenaventura
During Cuba arrival walk

Jah Buzz
Love In The Arena
In Cuba

Andrés Emilio Cartaya
Golpe de Arpa
In Cuba

Chris Benstead
Hot Sauce / Salsa Verde
In Cuba

Pio Leiva
Ritmo de Mi Cuba
In Cuba

Cuban Jazz Legends
La Mulata Rumbera
In Cuba

Ernesto Duarte Brito
Donde Estabas Tu?
In Cuba

Yma Sumac
Incacho (Royal Anthem)
Song that plays when Q is cooking at home

Louis Armstrong
We Have All The Time In The World
End credit song


no time to die score hans zimmerHans Zimmer Score

For more about the musical score for the No Time To Die by Hans Zimmer, read this article.

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