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Tissot PR-516 - the unknown watch from Live And Let Die

11 March, 2021

So much has been written about the watches worn by the various actors who have played James Bond in the many films of the franchise. Some of these watches have become, over the decades, true watch legends. The first, the one that initiated the series, is obviously the Rolex Submariner, and since 1995 Omega is the main watch provider for James Bond.

But after some research and some (re-)readings of the biggest websites, blogs including this reference site, it turns out that there was an important oversight that should be brought out of the darkness. Why and how many specialists have missed out on the Roger Moore's Tissot PR 516 Date in the 1973 James Bond Live And Let Die?

Tissot PR-516 James Bond Roger Moore Live And Let Die speedboat chase Louisana

Roger Moore in Live And Let Die wears the Tissot PR-516 during the speedboat chase
photo © Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer Studios, Inc and Danjaq, LLC

This article first appeared in French on and has been translated and slightly rewritten for Bond Lifestyle. With many thanks to original author Pierre Jean. Follow him on Instagram at pierre_jean, the_rolexrialist and soblacktie.

In the early Bond movies, the most famous British secret agent in the world, James Bond, wears a Rolex Submariner, in different versions, whether with Sean Connery or George Lazenby. The latter wears two different models of Rolex in the same movie, a Submariner and a Rolex chronograph, a unique Pre-Daytona reference 6238 with red seconds-hand, originally sold by Bucherer in Switzerland.

In 1973, Roger Moore dressed for the first time in the suit of James Bond in one of the best episodes of the series Live and Let Die directed by Guy Hamilton.

In the 1970s, quartz and digital made their watch revolution, so it is no surprise that the most gadgetized secret agent wears a watch of his time, namely a Hamilton Pulsar P2. A watch that was quickly replaced by Q, offering James Bond a Rolex 5513 Submariner with the legendary “Buzz Saw” (bezel rotating like a saw), among other gadgets. And this is where a mystery starts: why in the middle of the film Roger Moore takes to the screen in some shots of the film, including the extraordinary speedboat chase, a watch that is neither the Pulsar nor the Rolex Submariner?

Tissot PR-516 Roger Moore on set of Live And Let Die

Roger Moore wearing the Tissot PR 516 Date in behind the scenes photos for Live And Let Die
photo © Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer Studios, Inc and Danjaq, LLC

This third watch in the film is the Tissot Visodate Automatic PR-516, the MK1 version of the series, with bakelite bezel, steel Oyster-type bracelet. A nice diver and greatly underestimated. You will agree this watch has no legitimacy in the film's scenario, unlike the other watches. At no time is it introduced for a given reason, a script element.

Tissot PR-516 photo by Pierre Jean

Tissot PR-516, similar model as worn by Roger Moore in Live And Let Die
photo © Pierre Jean

Although the watch is seen in many behind-the-scenes photos, the only scene that Bond seems to wear the watch on screen is the Bleeker Flying School airport scene and the speedboat chase.

Some theories claim that it is the Roger Moore's personal watch. It appears of course in the film itself, but also on different photos of the film set (photos taken before or after the shooting). Or even on the wrist of Roger Moore in 1975... I think that the director and producers of the time had an eye for detail, but what about the timeline of the shooting?

Roger Moore James Bond Tissot PR-516 watch

Roger Moore is wearing the Tissot in all these behind-the-scenes / set photos
photos © Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer Studios, Inc and Danjaq, LLC

One theory might be that the Rolex Submariner had not been ready in time for the shoot, a delay related to props at Rolex could be plausible. Roger Moore in a short sleeve shirt without wristwatch could create visible editing errors on the screen. The Tissot PR 516 being equipped with an Oyster bracelet close to that of the Submariner could pass as a look-a-like of the Rolex on film.

Roger Moore James Bond Tissot PR-516 watch Live And Let Die set

Roger Moore is wearing the Tissot in this behind-the-scenes photo
photo © Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer Studios, Inc and Danjaq, LLC

The Tissot PR 516 on a James Bond, is not very well known or written about. Enthusiasts have done similar research but there is no official record for the moment but I wish today that this watch is honored as it deserves, because it is really endearing, has a certain charm and should revive the interest of collectors.

The Tissot PR 516 watch from the time of the film comes in multiple variations: date, day-date, alarm, chronographs (two and three meters) and regatta chronograph, in a beautiful 36 mm steel case.

The watch in the film seems to have only a date (not a day), a red seconds hand, and a diver’s bezel.

Tissot PR-516 Date and Day Date comparison

The model worn by Roger Moore is probably the watch on the left, with Date window and Oyster bracelet. The watch on the right has a Day-Date window.

I am convinced that you will no longer look the same way at James Bond in Live And Let Die during its next television broadcast and that at the end of the reading of this article you will have an irresistible desire to see if a Tissot PR 516 James Bond is not available for sale to add to your collection.

Find the Tissot PR 516 on eBay

Note that another Tissot watch, the Tissot T-Touch, was worn in the 2002 movie Die Another Day, by Bond Girl/Villain Miranda Frost (played by Rosamund Pike).

New Tissot PRS516Alternatives
Currently Tissot makes a similar model PRS 516 (note the “S” after PR) model nr T100.430.16.041.00 (brown strap, see on Amazon) or T100.430.16.051.00 (black strap, see on Amazon), which, although quite different, still has some of the design elements of the original PR 516 (similar shape hands, a red seconds hand, black diver’s bezel, the PRS516 logo with red 516 text). See more similar models on Amazon.

This article first appeared in French on and has been translated and slightly rewritten for Bond Lifestyle. With many thanks to original author Pierre Jean. Follow him on Instagram at pierre_jean, therolex_archivist and soblacktie.

With thanks to for the Live And Let Die photo

Read more: Tissot PR-516 product page

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Don't forget that Bond also wore two Submariners in TMWTGG, the 5513 and a 1680
What I don't understand is why the production team didn't asign Roj a standard Rolex 5513 for all the scenes were the magnet & chain-saw functions took a back seat? Otherwise, this was the worst product placement deal in history. Then again, the story of the choice of Car in "The Saint" TV series, which really put Roger on the map, was an interesting one. The British TV mogul Lou Grade thought Jaguar would give him a couple of E-Types for the series. Jaguar, who barely needed any more product hype & couldn't make enough E-Types to meet demand, told him to pound sand. A friend knowing the production dilemma saw a nice sporty job that would fit the bill & told Roger to check it out. He went down to the dealership & on the spot negotiated a deal on for the company & one for himself but also to be used for filming. And that's how the Volvo P1800, not Jaguar "E", became the Saint's car. I was honoured to drive the man briefly a couple of years before he passed away...shortly before I retired from Private Hire work. Charming man.

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