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Tissot Visodate Automatic PR-516

Roger Moore as James Bond wears a Tissot PR-516 watch in Live And Let Die during the speedboat chase

Roger Moore as James Bond wears a Tissot Visodate Automatic PR-516 watch in Live And Let Die (1973).

This is Bond's third watch in the film, after the famous Rolex Submariner 5513 and the Hamilton Pulsar P2 LED watch.

Although the watch is seen in many behind-the-scenes photos, the only scene that Bond seems to wear the watch on screen is the Bleeker Flying School airport scene and the speedboat chase.

The watch never gets a good close-up and it's not completely clear why Bond is wearing this particular watch. It might have been Moore's personal watch that was used as a look-a-like for the Rolex. Perhaps the Rolex was not available at the time of filming of some scenes.

The Tissot PR 516 Date in the film is the MK1 version of the PR 516 series, with bakelite bezel, black/blue/green dial, white hands, red seconds hand and steel Oyster-type bracelet. The dial has a Date window at the 3 o'clock position. The watch has a black bakelite bezel with minute markers and numbers 10 - 20 - 30 - 40 - 50.

Note that the Tissot PR 516 was available in different variations, for example as a Day Date (as opposed to the Date-only version).

The vintage Tissot PR 516 watches are currently very hard to find, but you can always try eBay.

For more on this watch, read this article.

Another Tissot watch can be spotted in a Bond film: the Tissot T-Touch was worn in Die Another Day (2002), by Bond Girl/Villain Miranda Frost (Rosamund Pike).

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He also wears it on the train at the end of the film

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