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How to tie a Windsor and Four-In Hand necktie

09 December, 2009

A quick guide on how to tie a Windsor Knot or Four-in-Hand Knot. The Windsor Knot can best be made with long, wide ties, since the knot is quite complicated, and a short tie might not be long enough to keep it length. The Four-in-Hand is the easy, never-go-wrong knot, so make sure you know how to tie it!

This guide was created to celebrate the Bond Lifestyle 4th Anniversary in 2009, as part of the Limited Edition Bond Lifestyle silk necktie that was released. Read more about the tie below.

Windsor Knot

how to tie a windsor tie knot

1. Start with wide end of the tie on your right and extending 12 inches (30cm) below narrow end.

2. Cross wide end over narrow and bring up through loop.

3. Bring wide end down, around behind narrow.

4. Then up and put down through loop.

5. Cross wide end over narrow...

6. ...and bring up through loop.

7. Complete by slipping down through the knot in front.

8. Tighten and draw up to collar.



how to tie a tie four in hand

1. Start with the wide end and extend it about 12 inches (30cm) below narrow end and cross the wide end over narrow end. Now, turn the wide end back underneath the narrow end.

2. Bring the wide end back over in front of the narrow end again.

3. Pull the wide end up, behind, and through the loop around your neck.

4. Hold the front of the knot loosely with your index finger and thumb and bring wide end down through front loop.

5. Remove your finger from under the knot and tighten the knot carefully to the collar by holding the narrow end and sliding the knot up.

Celebrating 4 years of Bond Lifestyle

To celebrate the 4th anniversary of Bond Lifestyle website, a silk black tie with embroidered “JB” logo was available in December 2009. The tie is made of silk and measures 7cm (3.14 inch) at the widest part, and is 150 cm (59 inch) long. This is a thin (almost a ‘skinny’) tie, in the style of the 1960s, unlike many modern ties which are quite wide.

bond lifestyle tie 4th anniversary

A label with the Bond Lifestyle logo and website address is stitched on the back of the tie.

The tie has a nice silk shine and is very light.

The Bond Lifestyle tie comes with a plastic, credit card-size certificate, with instructions on how to tie a Four in a Hand knot or Windsor knot.

Only 100 of these ties were made.

Bond Lifestyle tie ad

Banner for the Bond Lifestyle Anniversary necktie

In 2010, for the 5th Year Anniversary, Bond Lifestyle created a numbered, limited edition deck of poker cards made by CartaMundi, read more about those cards here.

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Where do I buy one of the James bond ties with jb lifestyle
Hi Peter, those ties were only available during the Bond Lifestyle 5 Year Anniversary in 2010 as a limited edition, not available anymore unfortunately...

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