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Seiko 0674 LC

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Seiko 0674 5009
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photo © Bond Lifestyle
Seiko 0674 5009 in original box
photo © Bond Lifestyle

The Seiko 0674 5009 was used by Bond in the 1977 movie The Spy Who Loved Me. 007 receives a ticker-tape message on the watch, telling him to report to MI6 Headquarters:


Bond wears the same watch throughout the movie, from the first to the last scene.

This watch is, like all the Seiko's used in Bond movies, quite rare. Beware of sellers on eBay offering similar Seiko models, claiming it to be the Bond watch, but there is only one correct model Seiko 0674 5009, and that is the one pictured here.

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You can find similar vintage Seiko Quartz LC digital watches on eBay, try the following search terms: Seiko LC Quartz, 0439-5007A021-50000634-5019, 0624M159-5028, but they are usually not even that much cheaper than the 0674 seen in the film.

It looks like a crew member of the St Georges spy ship in the movie For Your Eyes Only also wears a Seiko 0674. The person who seems to wear the watch is the man who takes over de control of the A.T.A.C. on the ship just before the mine hits the ship, the man that just fails to pull the self-destruct handle. The watch can briefly be seen when he puts on the handcuffs attaching himself to the machine.


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I own a Seiko 0674-5009 (674336) but I can't seem to find any difference between
mine & the Seiko 0674-5008 that is shown here. Is there a difference?

oooh what timepiece. I could STILL wear that with jeans and a dress shirt. Hey but wasn't "Spy" circa 1977? Did we spy this one in Man with the Golden Gun?

logan5, thanks for your message, you are right, the year should be 1977, I have corrected this.

I found a 0674-5009. It's in really excellent shape and works perfect. What is the value of such a watch?

OK, Yes, I do own this watch. It needs to be cleaned to work again properly. Unfortunately I drove tractor on a farm while wearing it, and dirt/dust must have collected under the front 2 buttons, cause they don't want to work right. And it needs a battery! What battery number should I get? How much is the watch worth in US $ ? And is there a big demand for the watch? I might be willing to sell for the right amount!

That was supposed to be ticker-tape? Always looked more like a Dymo label popping out of it, to me!
I thought the same thing. It looks like a DYMO tape they painted silver. The characters definitely look embossed. I'm searching the Googles to find out info about the prop.
Hi I just bought this watch for my boyfriend for Christmas. He already own a lotus esprit from this movie so now he needs a watch. Now I need to find a tape to go with a watch. I was thinking to make one on DYMO but I just want to know what exact message was written on it!? Can anyone help me with that? Either tell me where to buy one or tell me the all message. Thank you
@Aggi: I added the complete message, it reads: 007 TO REPORT HQ. IMMEDIATE. M.

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