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Barbour X To Ki To Beacon Heritage Sports Jacket

photo © Barbour
Barbour X To Ki To Sports Jacket from the Beacon Heritage collection (original product image from 2012)
photo © Barbour

photo © Barbour
Barbour X To Ki To Beacon Heritage Sports Jacket
photo © Barbour

photo © Greg Williams
Bond on Set: Filming SkyFall cover, showing Bond in his Barbour sports jacket
photo © Greg Williams

photo © Aspecto
This new model, the Barbour Dept. B Commander / Beacon Sports jacket launched in 2013 is almost identical to the X To Ki To
photo © Aspecto

photo © END Clothing
The jacket is now called "Beacon Sports Jacket" (not Commander anymore), with model nr MWX0007OL71
photo © END Clothing

James Bond (Daniel Craig) wears a Barbour X To Ki To Beacon Heritage Sports Jacket in the movie SkyFall (2012).

The jacket can be spotted on the cover photo of Bond on Set: Filming SkyFall and very briefly in the SkyFall trailer. Bond wears the jacket in the Scotland scenes, where it fits well in the environment, especially together with his Anderson Wheeler double rifle and Aston Martin DB5. Director Sam Mendes said that he wanted a 1960s feel in those scenes, and the Barbour jacket adds to this look.

With the Barbour jacket, James Bond wears Crockett & Jones Islay boots, N.Peal blue wave cashmere sweater and All Saints Corduane Iggy pants. The scarf by Tom Ford completes Bond's Scotland outfit.

Update May 2024: the jacket is currently not easily available online anymore.
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The Barbour tailored sports jacket made from 6oz Sylkoil wax with the classic Barbour tarten lining. The jacket has a single welted chest pocket with two lower bellowed pockets, and two lower back poacher pockets. Other features include a removable articulated hood which Bond seems to have removed. This jacket is only available in Olive color, product code MWX0364OL71.

The jacket is part of the Beacon Heritage collection, a collaboration between Barbour and Japanese designer Tokihito Yoshida. The collection is inspired by Barbour’s sporting, motorcycling and military past and offers a range of jackets, knitwear and shirts.

There seem to be two versions, with a small difference in button placement: the jacket as seen in the film has the two buttons near the stomach area placed closer together, but some jackets have all buttons placed at even distances.

The production of this jacket is limited and it has sold out fast everywhere. The jacket has become one of the most sought after pieces of Bond clothing.

Barbour Dept-B Commander / Beacon Heritage Sports
In July 2013, Barbour launched a new jacket, which is almost identical to the Limited Edition X To Ki To, but it's called the Dept. B Commander jacket (a clear reference to Commander Bond). This new jacket has "Barbour Dept B" written on the left pocket and it doesn't come with the removable hood or storm flap. The jacket is still available as the Beacon Sports jacket, modelnr MWX0007OL71, read comparison with original jacket here. After 2014, the same jacket is called "Beacon Heritage Sports Jacket", with the same model nr MWX0007OL71.

Barbour 125th Anniversary
In 2019, a slightly different Barbour 125th Anniversary Icons version of the jacket was availabke, which has some minor changes including a different lining and extra pockets on the left arm and above the left front pocket.
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Barbour Gold Standard Supa Commander
In 2020, Barbour launched a high spec version of the jacket, the Supa Commander as part of their Gold Standard collection. This jacket DOES have the hood and stormflap, but differences with the original are the leather pockets and leather shoulder pads.
Read more about this jacket (still available)

Where to buy the Commander /  Beacon Sports
If you have an official Barbour store nearby, I would recommend paying it a visit and fit the jacket. In 2013 I bought my Barbour Dept B Commander jacket at End Clothing (USA and UK/EU). Great service and fast delivery. I have heard positive feedback from fans in the USA, Canada, Denmark, Belgium and the UK. In 2020 I bought a Barbour Beacon Heritage Sports jacket at Aphrodite Clothing.

End Clothing includes import duties, but please note that you might have to pay custom taxes when the jacket is ordered from international websites, but many people have received the jacket without having to pay anything extra.

UPDATED 2020: Read a comparison between the Commander / Beacon Heritage Sports and the original To Ki To jacket plus the new 125th anniversary jacket and Supa Commander.

Barbour jacket compare ultimate guide

On eBay there are sometimes a few original X To Ki To jackets on offer, usually for more than the original retail price.

The official, original Barbour price of this jacket was £399 (approx. $630 or €485), which amazingly hasn't changed over the years for the new releases.

Update December 2019: the Barbour Beacon Sports jacket is also worn by actor Michiel Huisman in The Age of Adeline (2015).

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Summer Essentials 2024


Medium barbour beacon heritage sports jacket available to buy: brand new with tags. Never worn ... Contact In UK but happy to ship anywhere (tracked). Thanks
XL jacket too small for me. i sell it on ebay I can exchange it for an xxl. I live in France, I can ship anywhere. Contact me at
Have a brand new L jacket, willing to exchange for an XL in Ireland or UK. Contact me at
Just got my hubby that exact same Jacket from a german onlineshop, that I know from munich (used to live there): If anyone is still looking for the jacket, they still do have all the sizes available as far as I could see.
available in Medium, Large, Xl and XXL. 699 GBP via Paypal
Hi, i have a brand new M jacket, willing to exchange for an L, or sell it. I can ship anywhere. Contact me at
Hello all, I have a Small available, brand new from the final production of this line. £650. Message me for any details or with an offer. Based in London
I have a brand new Beacon Heritage Sports Jacket, Size M in Switzerland, make me an offer, I can ship to anywhere.
I have a Beacon heritage To Ki TO Size S in Switzerland ready to exchange with a M size. Like new.
I have a brand new Beacon Heritage Sports Jacket, Size M. I leave in France shipping anywhere.
I have an XL I'd like to trade for a large. Mine has evenly spaced buttons which most xl's do for some reason. It has also had hood buttons and zip removed.
Hi everyone, i have a L new with tags for sale at 625£. I'm in italy but i can ship everywhere for free (with tracking-service shipment!). If interested i can send images to your email: contact me here
Hello Justin, et al. I am interested in trading jackets if the jacket that you do have is in fact the limited edition x to ki to by Barbour. My wife purchased the jacket for me in a large but unfortunately it does not fit properly. Is the jacket that you have in your possession the original or the Dept B version? I ask because you mention it has had the buttons and zip removed. If it is the original does it have all the tags and the warranty? My jacket has not been used at all and has all the tags, buttons, pins and warranty. For anyone else interested in a Large X TO Ki TO Jacket it can currently be seen on EBay with the Skyfall book cover as the photo for the jacket. Sorry in advance to all if this was not the proper forum for such an inquiry. Barbour's new catch phrase should be "Jackets Are Forever."
LARGE screen accurate, Beacon Heritage Sports Jacket by Tokito... new.
Hi, i have a brand new XL Commander B, willing to exchange for an L, or sell it $650 or £450. I can ship anywhere via fedex. Contact me at
just received my new Dept B Skyfall Commander from End clothing. End has a good stock and fast delivery as well as best prices 531 USD. Some research phone calls to nearest Barbour stores in US estimate the cost to be 800 USD when they become available. Similar prices are on ebay. I'm about 5'10" 180 lbs. I usually wear Large. I ordered an XL. The jacket fits well on chest etc. Snug but allows for a decent sweater under as I wanted it. It feels comfortable on shoulders. Problem--sleeves quit a bit too long. The sizing chart on End's site until recently showed all arm sizes (S-XXL) as 21". That has changed. But prior asking anyone who is selling on ebay or from retailers--- No one had answer as to what actuall length was. No explaination as to how to measure sleeves. I was always taught sleeve length was from bone at top of spine center of neck to wrist. Some measure from shoulder seem to wrist. Barbour or End it is apparently armpit to wrist. My XL is 27" from shoulder seem to fist knuckes or 21" from shoulder seem to fist knuckles. About 3" to 4" too long. Not sure wether to start the process or having the sleeves shortened. Which is 60 USD plus shipping. A big hit. Not sure how that will impact the leather sleeve or the elebow to wrist "patch" Not sure wether to try and exchange for a Large. If that would be a significant difference or create a more uncomfotable condition. To top it all went to an Orvis store and tried on Beauforts and Bedeles and found them more substantial and practical jackets for a 1/3 less cost
Shipping is included in the price
Jimmy C, what did you end up deciding to do? I have a new XL Commander jacket, it was delivered mid last week. I took it to a tailor who was apprehensive to alter the jacket and even mentioned they might not get the leather piping back on the coat correctly. I might be looking to exchange or sell as well. Doesn't look to ecomonical to ship back to End clothing for an exchange.
Finding it curious so few comments. It was suppose to be in th US in August and has been out in the UK fo a while. Have had mine for over a month now. Was wondering if others are finding sleeves porportionally too long. Understand there is an 8-10 week backlog on alterations from Barbour US. Was hoping to wear mine for the this fall season
Jimmy, did you have it shipped to the US? I'm in Virginia and having never order anything from the UK, was wondering if I would be hit with customs on this. Not really familiar with how it works. I'm also debating a small or medium. I'm 5'8" 140 lbs with around 36-37" chest and 29-30" waist. I'm thinking the best bet is to compare measurements on the endclothing website with one of my jackets that fits well. Also, is there a reason to send it to Barbour for the sleeve alteration instead of a trusted local tailor? I haven't seen any details of the sleeves so I am unsure if there is something complicated I am missing.
Gents, the Dept (B) jacket is almost identical to the original tokito, there's Bly 2 differences I can see, 1, no hood and as a result no zip around the neck & 2, no internal storm flap. I abe the original bought at great expense on eBay and nearly kicking myself over the new version. They have about 7 on the rails in Brown Thomas on Grafton street in Dublin.
Jay, I did have this shipped from END clothing to US. The original cost of shipping was minimal about $ 12. Almost 2 months later FEDEX sent me a bill for customs fees + their service fee = $ 78. Thats about 13 % of cost of the jacket. State sales tax in NY would be about 9 % on a clothing item of this value if purchased locally. I have sent it to BARBOUR USA for alteration. To take the sleeves up will cost $ 60. BARBOUR asks you to add an additonal $ 10 for return shipping. I sent 2 day USPS priority mail and insured it for $ 500.---so that cost an additonal $ 17. Next year or the year after I may send it back to them for reproofing that's $ 35 + $ 10 return shipping + my shipping and insuring expense. As to Barbour v. local tailor, BARBOUR claims their "waxed cotton" treatment makes it difficult for an average tailor to deal with. As to sizing END clothing, amongst others, recommend sizing up. This was intended to be a very slim fitting movie-stylish garment. I usually wear L. XL here is a good looking comfortable snug fit for me---PERFECT to my liking except for the sleeves---Much too long--what I would call disproportionate. Had I taken a large, the sleeves would have only been a 1/2 inch shorter. I've asked BARBOUR to take them up 3 1/2"
Tried to find a Dept B one in a shop in London to try for size but every one I went to said they would not be stocked until early October. Odd since you can get them from Barbour UK online easily enough. Anyway, took the plunge and ordered an XL online - came next day. I am 6 feet tall, weigh about 14st and muscular build. The fit is snug but not tight - I am quite broad-shouldered and was concerned before I ordered after having read some comments but it's perfect for wearing over a shirt or thin jumper. I expect it to slacken a little after more wear but straight off the peg it's fine. No issue with sleeve length either. I normally go for 35" sleeve when buying shirts from CT online.
Couldn't find any in stores in London to try on so took the plunge and ordered an XL online direct from Barbour. I am 6 feet tall, muscular build, about 90kg and it fits snug but not tight. Sleeve length is fine (I usually buy 35" sleeve length shirts). Very happy.
I ended up getting the M, and I am having my tailor do a few things to it. I tried on a S and it fit perfect everywhere except the shoulders were just too snug and made the neck roll from tightness, and this was in a t-shirt. The M fits the shoulders perfect, but I had to have the sleeves brought up and I'm having the waist brought in a few inches from the back seam. Will know for sure on Friday when I pick it up, but it should be a good fit by then. I'm confident in my tailor's ability to work with the cloth, he shortened the sleeves and reattached the leather flawlessly. FWIW, these are the same fit issues I have with suits and sport coats, so it is to be expected.
Noticed the model in the J Crew site linked below$pdp_fs418$&isFeatureColor=true He has his cuffs folded up raising the leather trim and exposing the Tartan linning. If worn in that manner it is first 1) not film accurate and 2) exposing the linning to the elements as well as friction which will wear it out very soon This model also has folded up sleeves
For those looking for sizing help, size S works well for a size 36 chest. Barbour normal sizing tends to run big. I wear a size 34 in the Bedale jacket. If you're comfortable with slim fitting garments, order the Commander jacket true to size. If not, size up...
Just received my Dept B Skyfall Commander Jacket back from Barbour USA Repair and Reproof. Essentially satisfied . Was estimated as an 8-10 week wait. Was back in just under 4 weeks. For those considering sending to Barbour for alterations who asked: The elbow patch/reinforment IS adjusted to allow gap where it ends to leather edge of sleeve
HI chaps, some great comments on sizing. especially those by Harry. I too am a big unit. Whats the shoulder measurement on an XL please, IM not sure if I need a XXL. Trouble is I'm worried it'll tent out around the waist, as I am big up top, with a 32 inch waist. 6ft4 208Lbs. Any help much appreciated. Cheers.
I´m looking for this jacket in size M. Anyone? =)
Just scored a new XXL ToKiTo to add to my Dept B commander. Funny how the dept B feels lighter. I may wear it in and work in it so I have a shiny new to ki to and a worn in dept b. Btw anyone wanting to buy a dept b in the states I highly recommend
Shaun. The measurements on the link were right for the dept b. My XL has a shoulder of 18.5 inches.
I got a brand new one in medium available for sale. Anybody interested?
Cheers!. Well I went for an XL after much scientific cross referencing. For those unable to pre-try one. The XL is a tight fit on my shoulders wearing a thin t shirt only. Arms are ok straight, tho upper arm sleeve can be a tight if you cross your arms, as is the back area. my arm folded is 17inches, and chest measured around under my pits and back is 47inches. The chest is ok no probs there. The only slight issue was the shoulders and putting the jacket on with a tshirt and a thin jumper, tho the jacket seems to have stretched nicely and has not deformed at all. The upshot is it fits like a tailored suit jacket. Very happy. I ordered mine at Phillipp Browne in Norwich, top service. I'm 6,4 and athletic build, small waist. The jacket length is similar to a suit jacket, so for the taller gent this works well as Ive found hip length coats look a bit small. Stylized very nicely, and out shines the normal Barbour's and Belstaff's with its clean and minimal lines. Its build quality is pretty good, over all i'd say a fair price for a good jacket.
Any ideas when XL's will be back available in the US?
Hi, I realize you posted your comment a while back. But any chance you still have the M available for sale? Thanks, MS
I have one thats XL I am selling it with tags, txt 613-777-7265 or email
Does anyone know the brand of the black coat James Bond is wearing when he first arrived at the ice palace in die another day?
I am looking for an original Barbour Beacon Heritage Sports Jacket X To Ki (as I need the hood) in XL I guess I could do an XXL and fill it up with thick sweaters and do more sleeve alterations..ha ha Does anyone know where I might purchase one? Does USA Barbour or anyone offer to attach a hood to the Barbour Commander Dept B ? Thank you
Hi Jorge, I know this is probalby a long shot but do you still have your large jacket. I recently managed to get my hands on an XL only to find that it is too big for me.
What suit jacket size do you wear? What is your chest size? I am so torn because I have an athletic build, so these kind of slim fits are hard to get the right size. I am a 44-46 in suit jacket size. Debating between the XL and the XXL. If i were to get the XXL i would no doubt have to tailer the sleeves and over all length.
Nordstroms just started carrying this online...high price point however in the mid $700's
Anybody still looking for a Barbour Beacon Heritage Sport Jacket (not Dept B)? I have a brand new, Size XL (never worn as it is too big for me). Ideally I'd like to swap for M or L and prefer to meet you in Scotland or maybe England (to make sure both of us can see the jackets). I am also willing to sell it £1,900 (negotiable). Edinburgh, Scotland
I'm selling a Barbour X to Ki (not dept b) Size XL never been worn with Tags £1500ono
I'm currently selling a Brand New With Tags Barbour x To Ki To Beacon Heritage Limited Edition size Large on Ebay. This is the Original, not the Dept. B Commander reissue.
FYI: Stopped at a Barbour US store today and was told that this jacket is currently being phased out by Barbour. However, two of the sales clerks assessed that it would be brought back in a couple of years 'retooled.' With this in mind, combined with the Winter Sale (the jacket was selling for $400) and my long-love for this desire, I bit the bullet and picked one up. I tried the M on in store. I'm 5'11, ~170 lbs, and usually wear a 34 sleeve. Everything I wear is a L. It is a slim fit--one of Barbour's slimmest cuts. The M was snug, but wouldn't allow room for anything really beyond a t-shirt. Thus, I went ahead and ordered a L from a separate store. I hope it fits when it arrives, but I imagine I'll need to get the sleeves adjusted. Plus, I don't want to have to exchange for an XL. I'm a tad nervous as I'm a little rounder right now than I want to be, but am also nervous as I may bulk up a little this summer.
For anyone curious, the jacket material, simply, is WAXED COTTON, ie old-school water resistance which you can potentially re-wax over time as opposed to cheap synthetic plastics that breakdown in the sun and you cannot replenish.
I have an original jacket in great condition in size medium that I'm keen to sell. I don't wear it, so I thought someone here would like it rather than flogging it through eBay. Happy to take a reasonable offer (postage is extra). email is

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