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The psychology of collecting Goldfinger

01 April, 2008

Ask even the most casual of Bond fans what their favorite Bond film is and chances are they will say Goldfinger. It may be something to do with the incredible story line, the brassy title song, the classic villain or Connery's spot on portrayal of everyone's super spy. Or it may just be the perfect combination of gadgetry and style that hooks a person and reels them in. After all, the most indelible images of Goldfinger are the DB5 and Oddjob's hat (ok, maybe a naked gold girl as well, I'll give you that). So, with so many iconic images and objects filling the screen surely there would be an unstoppable pull to collect representations of these items…and there is!

Several studies on the hobby of collecting movie memorabilia have been conducted and they all conclude that the psychological draw to OWN a moment of ones favorite movie is the main magnet to the hobby. The "hunt" to acquire and then display a replica or image that brings that person back to the movie experience is so emotionally strong that significant time is spent on this endeavor. I feel I have a certain amount of credibility in speaking on this subject as I am not just the author of this article but a hopeless collector of said items as well. In fact, much of my walk out basement is devoted to James Bond gadgets, costumes and replicas and furthermore one of my favorite areas is devoted to the movie Goldfinger. A nice mixture of replica clothes from the movie and fantasy like gadgets help me to capture the flavor and the fun of the movie in a convenient area. Perhaps you have already joined me in this slippery slope by collecting a poster, Corgi car or movie still but this article will focus on full size or 1:1 sized collectables that 'capture' the Goldfinger moment. Unlike purchasing a full size DB5 these are all affordable pieces and the following represents a quick and dirty how to on building an instant Goldfinger collection.

Connery in his 3-piece suit sipping a mint julep- not too tart, on the golf course in his Slazenger V-neck, and even the purple outfit of Pussy galore. All of these now exist as iconic visuals of the movie itself BUT they can be hunted and found and finally worn by the likes of Bond collectors all over. At Magnoli Clothiers a Bond collector can find quite a few Goldfinger inspired outfits custom made to your own measurements including his grey 3-piece Kentucky suit, his all black opening scene outfit, and even his white Tuxedo jacket. By the way, I promise you there is nothing like attending a summer corporate meeting in your custom made Goldfinger suit... your private little secret regarding what you are wearing will add a sparkle to your day. Now jump onto eBay and enter in the search Slazenger V-neck to find a wine colored jumper as seen on the golf course. Keep it on eBay whilst you look for a black straw pork pie hat and black vintage slacks and you have created the Pokes Golf scene. But don't stop there! Continue the search for a vintage Penfold hearts ball and Acushnet Bullseye putter. The putter is the one that Goldfinger uses and when polished up looks gold plated. But poor Goldfinger himself might get a bit sunburned if you don't win an auction for a brown or rust colored Brooks Brothers golf cap. And what would he be without his signature Auric Goldfinger ring that can be ordered through JB Worldprop in Argentina. These are gorgeous rings that come in wonderfully displayed boxes. Now you have spent some money (perhaps some gold depending on how much you amass) and the misses gives you a bit of grief. Instantly calm her down with the gift of purple. A quick search on eBay (see a pattern here?) for lavender wrap shirt will net you some potable choices in your Bond Girl's size. The vintage versions of these are particularly good and even consider back in fashion this year! To complete you Pussy Galore purchase some sueded purple pants but make sure they are the slim fit style. Then there are the simple Goldfinger props that are still must haves as they will add that certain completion touch to your new display. Contact Ed Maggiani at for a Fontainebleau Do Not Disturb sign and score card, complete with Goldfinger's broken pencil. Then there are the matchbooks etc that one can litter their display with. It's the little things that count.

Now you have some clothes to wear and some golf accessories but what about those incredible gadgets that are sure to keep you breathing for one more day? If one is looking for the tracking devices seen in the film a French company made these very things a few years ago and they resurface every now and then. The small one was gold plated and actually slid back just as the one in the film did. It came displayed in a secret compartment in the heel of a shoe. Don't want to hide it in a shoe but would rather use Connery's razor technique? Simply go on eBay and purchase a vintage Gillette safety razor. They can be had on eBay for about $25 and is the exact item they used in the film. The larger, silver locator offered by the French firm also had snapping back action and was made of a light resin. Unfortunately no magnetic device was inserted which would have provided the ultimate in 'cool factor'. A few talented prop makers, who want to remain nameless, still offer a wonderful Oddjob Hat complete with steel brim for a fraction of what the screen used one cost. What is equally wonderful about this prop replica is that it is identifiable in your collection by young and old. Since Lock and Co. do not make the correct hat anymore you might be happy with one from a host of other makers you can find on the web. Once you are in possession of your hat purchasing a faux marble head to stick this into is a display must. These can be found at a local garden shop or in your local craft store. There are even some Bond prop makers who will go so far as to make a collector a seagull snorkel and a grappling gun as well but you must search very hard to find them and they will only surface every blue moon. They often loiter around and a quick request for such items usually illicit a series of hand raisers. Try it!

Certainly the above hints will start you on your way to a significant collection whether it exists on your desk at work, an empty shelf in your library or as a dedicated display in your media room. The first step is the hardest but I promise once you start down the path of collecting these pieces the emotions of ownership will effect you. Since Goldfinger is one of those recognizable movies why not start there. Have focus, have fiscal sense, but most of all have fun.

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