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Living Like Bond - Part 2

22 March, 2006

The click clacketing of the computer resounded through the small room. Nervously, he looked up from the screen to peer out of the office window into the bustling hallway, already filled with people. Seemingly their eyes bore into him, casting suspicion his way as he used his laptop to search furiously for the object of his mission. Suddenly it loomed before him on the liquid screen...but was he too late? Surely at any moment one of the surly characters in the hallway would burst into his office foiling his moves. With only 30 seconds to go before the mission would be compromised he made his move. Bid accepted and won! I was the proud owner of the Dunhill belt as seen in Tomorrow Never Dies. Whew, almost lost that auction, but did it just in time before that big marketing meeting in three minutes.

The hunt.
There are two types of collectors. Those that hunt to collect and those that collect to hunt. I must say that I am probably a frantic mix of both types which makes the experience that much more pleasurable. But the hunt for everything James Bond is especially exciting because very often the hunt itself is similar to a James Bond event. Think about it- you begin to brief yourself on your end goal, you plan tactics of research and search. You then begin the hunt and often using technological gadgets or means come to the hiding spot of this well guarded treasure. Then you must negotiate, often with subterfuge or secrecy, the purchase or forced acquisition of the piece. Then voila, you have it, there is celebration and a new mission can begin the next day. The feeling of opening a box and pulling out a well wrapped James Bond artifact be it a prop replica, costume piece or toy is a rush in itself since in a way you are capturing a moment from the film. A moment that you can now relive over and over, if you wish, with a relic that dwells within your home now. I know for myself a simple glance at my Erricson Remote Phone from Tomorrow Never Dies sends me head first into the incredible BMW chase scene from that movie. For a few moments I have escaped this earthly plane and I am catapulted into the world of 007. What great therapy and what great fun.

But like all good hunters it is very often not the game that you are hunting that is most important but the environment you hunt in that really counts. For the purpose of this article I will keep a concentration on items that allow us collectors to live like Bond. Bond gadgets, Bond clothes, Bond accessories etc will be the focus. So what are the most fertile grounds for the search of James Bond pieces to help us live like Bond?

If you are just starting out an excellent website is Bond Lifestyle. This website is not only incredibly pleasant to look at but very informative as well. Remmert van Braam has created an oasis of information to discover where to buy clothes, accessories, gadgets, and even purchase vacations that focus on Bond locales. In addition there are helpful reviews of the products themselves with some honest discussions on the value and accuracy of the mentioned pieces. If you want to outfit yourself with more than the basics stop by this website as a first step in a larger direction to fine clothes and Bondian pieces.

Joining at least two or three Bond collector forums is also an excellent way to stay on the cusp of what is new and hot in the world of Bond. It amazes me to see how many Bond collectors are connected to the where and how pieces are purchased and even the most grizzled of dogs can learn something. Very often you might observe a show off thread where a collector has pictured their latest acquisition and low and behold the piece has been a dream of yours as well. Sometimes a simple email or comment to the fellow collector will begin your journey into acquiring a similar piece from the same maker. Crave a Bond gadget or clothing item that isn't out there in the market? Very often you can post a WANTED thread on these boards whereby a talented artisan might be tempted to make the piece or be commissioned to make it. The two collector forums I like best (for reasons of layout, ease of use and sheer traffic) are and Both of these have their regulars but always welcome new members to add to the melting pot that they have attracted.

Although it has its supporters and its detractors this wouldn't be a complete article without discussing eBay. I happen to like eBay and have purchased and received many a special Bond treasure from the use of it. BUT it is buyer beware to the extreme. Many a Bond collector has purchased the wrong model of a Seiko watch or mistakenly bought the wrong Rolliflex camera as seen in from Russia with Love because they didn't know what to look for or the exact distinguishing marks etc. Even experienced Bond collectors can and have been wrong. Luckily there is an answer and his name is Ed Maggiani. Ed has given his time and research to Bond collectors across the globe providing a service to help correctly identify a particular Bond artifact. In essence all you have to do is send him the auction link and he will yay or nay the piece. I myself do this all the time because I know that Ed has spent the time and effort to watch the Bond films, delve into the EON archives, and has devoted much of his collection life to everything Bond. We could not ask for a kinder or more thorough resource. And here is a little hint for hunting Bond artifacts on eBay, don't just look under the title James Bond. Look also under the different headings like 007, bond omega, bond dunhill, bond watch, churchs bond etc.

Like any true hunt one must observe restraint and caution. The last thing you want to do is purchase a high end Bond collectable only to be disappointed when it arrives. It seems I have an entire shelf in my storage area dedicated to these purchases, a veritable grave yard of blech. The goal is to fill your "trophy room" with specimens you will be proud of showing and appreciating so take your time. A technique I employ is the 5 hour rule. When I see an auction or a piece for sale I become incredibly excited over it and my impulses almost get the best of me. BUT I wait 5 hours before bidding or purchasing. Often the false appreciation I might have had for the item wears off and I can see with clarity. Try it at least once before my next article debuts and let me know if it works for you as well... and if I cause you to miss out on the 'find of the century' my sincerest apologies, from one hunter to another.

Below examples of some pieces from The Zaritsky Archive that have been acquired through many hunts:

Text and photos © 2006 David Zaritsky

See the impressive Bond collection of David Zaritsky on his website

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