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Living Like Bond - Part 3

03 June, 2006

The plane banks sharply as we begin our decent and the flight attendant lets us know it is last call. As I finish my martini I mentally organize myself for the travels ahead, the first leg in a week long business trip. I glance casually out the window and give myself a checks and balance of what city I am landing in- Kansas City. Not the typical cosmopolitan area nor a hive of intrigue and mayhem, still any business trip anywhere can hold an heir of Bondian mystery and adventure with the right frame of mind. So how does a Bond fan build a Fleming like filter that they can utilize when traveling to create a more exciting moment? The following travel tips are specifically for the individual who wants to live like Bond when 'on the road'.

  1. Pack like Bond. Preparation is everything when living like Bond on the road. Depending on the climate you will want to pack at least one outfit that Bond would wear and absolutely a business outfit that he would find befitting. An English slim cut suit for those meetings, French cuffed sea island shirt, black monk strapped shoes, and a Turnball tie will go a long way in making you feel Bondian no matter what city you are in. Be conscious when you are packing and visualize yourself in the outfit walking down a foreign street heading to a meeting with a Swiss banker. Does the suit work in your mind? Pack it quickly before your gut takes over. When traveling away from home you also have a little more leeway to experiment with fashion. Don't be afraid to unbutton one more button on your neckline when not wearing a tie. When packing for more casual moments always pack a business casual outfit like chinos, a blue shirt and a Navy blazer, which is a very English Military look. This outfit will not only make you look immediately Bondish but will make you acceptably fashionable for ANY occasion. Then, of course, there are the dress down Thunderball occasions when traveling where a light linen shirt or such is appropriate. Linen pants or tropical wool pants are the call of the day but try to avoid t-shirts and overt logos. These are anti-Bond except in the rare Fred Perry or Slazenger case. Of course clothing is not the only concern you must have when packing like Bond. Gadgets are now a vital part of the business traveler's armament. Do you have your Ipod, your DVD player, cell phone, PDA, Blackberry or perhaps you have all of these in one convenient device. These Q like items not only make you feel like you are on the cutting edge but help you tremendously in the fight against boredom.

  2. So you are packed and ready to go and have parked your car at the airport. As you walk from the car to the gate it is helpful to whistle or quietly hum the James Bond theme. Don't tell me you haven't done this, you have. By doing so you set the tone of the trip that no matter how seemingly standard this trip may seem it WILL be laden with interest and intrigue either through events or the people you meet. The Bond theme catapults you into a living movie where YOU are the star and everyone around you are the supporting players. This is a traveler's game that is very old but very fun and can often stave off the dole drums associated with business travel.

  3. The flight, train, car, or bus ride should be a From Russia With Love moment. Let me explain. Go to great pains to treat yourself as if you are on the Orient Express no matter what your mode of transportation is. Order yourself a cocktail, or treat yourself to a nice airport meal (is there such a thing-yes!). Pack a high end treat or read a book on men's grooming. The point is travel as if you are living the society life. It is purely mental but it is very Bond. Don't forget, Bond is an expense report man like you and me but it is his panache and outlook that creates the moment, not so much the Rolex he wears. When you arrive at your destination see the concierge immediately to get an insider's view of restaurants, bars, entertainment then have THEM book the evening for you. Picture the moment when Brosnan walks into the Hotel wearing nothing but wet pajamas in Die Another Day... that is the attitude YOU should have. You belong anywhere you like, you have style doing it, and with that attitude nothing is impossible.

  4. Eating out... or meeting for drinks or whatever you post meeting event is must be met with equal Bondian seriousness especially if you are with clients. Keep that same Bond confidence (not cocky, big difference) that you established in the meetings during the day and take charge. By now the concierge has set the evening for you and hopefully your guests. Bond is always about the details of his life and so should you be. You should take advantage of every moment and savor them in order to cull the best. Again this is 90% mental. You do not have to be drinking a $300 bottle of wine to experience this sensation. DO try to read up a little on wines, single malts, gourmet food so you can mention something to your dinner guests that establishes you as an aficionado. Make sure any remarks along these lines do not come off as pompous or pretentious. Make them casual and matter of fact.

  5. Recreation, if you are lucky enough, can be an excellent backdrop for a Bond like experience. Water sports, boating, golfing, skiing, are all a part of Bond's film history and it should be incorporated in yours as well. Never lie about your experience or lack there of with these sports as REAL danger will rear its head if you put yourself in a precarious situation BUT do try something new if given the chance. Throw in a Bond quote now and then just for YOUR enjoyment and make these mental transitions:

    On a Jet Ski? Imagine yourself chasing the Cigar Girl down the River Thames in the Q Boat.

    Playing Golf? Imagine one of your opponents is Auric Goldfinger and wager a bet that pisses them off.

    Skiing? Besides the Bond theme perhaps you can switch with the On Her Majesty's Secret Service ski theme. Weave and wind as if you are being chased by gun fire or motorcycles with spiked wheels.

    On a boat? Imagine you are a guest of Emilio Largo on the Disco Volonte.

    Lying on the beach? Imagine yourself speaking to the stunning Domino discussing her dead brother.

    By the pool? Relive the scene from Goldfinger by the Fountain Bleu. Leave the powder blue terry suit for Sean Connery though.

Wherever life takes you make sure you take the Bond life with you on your journey. Not only will it add to the excitement but over time you will discover a rich palate of experiences that you thought only Bond could know.

© 2006 David Zaritsky -

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I just re-read the Living Like Bond articles, and to Mr. Zaritsky- Well Done!! You're right, it really is just a fun escape from reality(however breif).

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