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04 January, 2008

If James Bond Tailoring Has a Name it is Indy Magnoli. At least that is how I imagine the tag line if the Magnoli Garments had a poster of themselves. Magnoli has for many years offered consumers and collectors custom tailored clothes and replica props but it has only been in the recent years that he has been catering to the James Bond lifestyle consumer.

It started out rather innocently. Indy created a replica of the famous Sean Connery 3 piece suit as seen in Goldfinger. Perhaps one of the most iconic images in Bond movie lore this suit became an instant hit as people the world over realized they too could dress like Bond for a reasonable price. I think Indy himself was happily surprised by the reaction and response as well but soon realized that if there is one constant with Bond lifestyle people it is that they are never satisfied...they always want more. More came in the form of Bond shirts with turn back sleeves and even offerings of a Bahamas shirt and leather jacket as seen in Casino Royale. Black pants from the opening of Goldfinger were also added and snatched up with the other offerings. Why the popularity? Several reasons:

  • Indy offers a quality product for a very reasonable price. All these items are made to your exact measurements and thus, like Bond himself, the clothes fit like they were made for you...because they were.
  • Indy is a collector and perfectionist himself. Always a stickler for detail he will prototype a garment but then tweak accordingly until the item matches the screen used piece. He is also very receptive (and patient) with consumers making their own investigative changes to an item.
  • Service. A great product without great service is like a car without doesn't get you very far. Although his business is operationalized throughout the world he does a good job of executing in a timely manner and when mistakes are made (and what business doesn't have those) he is responsive and corrective.
  • Flux and creativity. Indy, like good business leaders, goes to his consumers and clients and asks what THEY want. He creates focus groups and R&D groups by keeping close communication channels with the people he serves. And then he and his business respond by meeting the demand.
  • Quality. I am asked all the time if one can truly wear Indy's suits and shirts etc or are they merely costume wear. I will tell you with great confidence that these clothes are made to be worn and have been. Meetings, activities, running for a pieces have all seen these situations and hold up perfectly. In fact because of the custom aspect of these pieces you will find yourself gravitating to Indy's clothing on a regular basis.

You may ask yourself what made Indy start offering Bond pieces in the first place?

Demand. He began by offering Indiana Jones style adventure clothing and very soon expanded into vintage patterns. It wasn't long before Bond fans asked him to replicate various "Spy Gear". When recently asked what is it that makes a Bond fan that wants to wear his clothes so special Indy replied, "Bond's clothes are part of his character. Though Daniel Craig's Bond down plays this somewhat, James Bond has been getting increasingly "stylish" throughout the films. Connery was so effortless in his wearing of a suit, looking so natural, you hardly noticed it. His suits were very British, lean cut, and minimalist. It is his Bond that laid the groundwork for the others."

I myself own several of Indy's pieces including some non-Bond items (gasp) and I can tell you I await each new offering with excitement and anticipation. To date I have his Goldfinger suit, the white Bahamas arrival shirt from Casino Royale, and hisCasino Royale leather jacket. Each one has been worn with pride and joy. Most recently I wore the white Bahamas shirt in the Bahamas on my family vacation. We went to the One and Only Ocean Club to have drinks and dinner and I thought it most appropriate to wear this shirt. I had never tried it on before so the first time I put it on was under the warm Bahamian breeze and immediately I felt transported. The fabric is light but sturdy and the details of the shirt were perfect. The buttons were nicely done and reflected an old world care in product. It was a fitted shirt and yet it breathed well and moved even better in the 80 plus heat of the Caribbean. Pictures are included below but I promise you it will be a well worn shirt in my wardrobe.

What will Indy come out with next? YOU are usually the decider of that as he takes request. Truly his company has been built by customer demand.

Pictures of Indy's Creations:




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This is second rate knock off crap. Dave, it sounds like you own stock in this Magnoli company?

P.S. Hit the gym

Actually, Magnoli is really high quality, custom tailored clothing. You should buy something before you say that they are bad.

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