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Casino Royale on a budget - Part 2

27 March, 2007

M's Apartment

If you are going to break into your boss' home the least you could do is be dressed as well as Bond was when he showed up to a surprised M. With his black long sleeved polo and charcoal trench coat Bond looked every part the spy we have come to love so much. The black polo is an easy one and there are countless options. A nice one for the money is the Men's Long Sleeve Performance Pima Polo Shirt from Lands End. Soft and silky yet mat in color, the fitted look of these are an amazing find for $30 a pop. As far as the trench coat there is an EBay seller called dpfsuits who offers a wonderful piece. Direct from their factory in Central Pennsylvania this full length suited trench coat mimics the fitted suited look of the one in this scene. This single breasted 4 button front coat has 3 outside pockets, 2 inside pocket, special vent in back, and is fully lined. The coat is trimmed with designer buttons, including 3 matching cuff links for each sleeve, it measures 54 inches in length (measured down center of back - from collar to bottom of coat). It also features fashionable buttons to match the cuff links. All this for $69. 


The pants he wears look to be a very close match to Banana Republic's Straight lightweight twill dress chino. Not dirt cheap for $79 but for a quality match this looks like a best bet. A less expensive but perfectly acceptable alternative is Target's Merona Wool Pants in Taupe for $39.

Bahamas Gambling

Some say he wore a black shirt, others say midnight blue in the scene at the Ocean Club when he wins his beloved DB5. I am in the dark blue camp but regardless get yourself to a J Crew and purchase the $39 (best to find this price in the outlets) linen shirt. It is cut straight along the bottom, like Bond's and weather you buy the black or the blue the fitted look and relaxed sense is a great match to this scene. Pair it with the Men's Plain Front Traditional Fit Blend Twill Trousers from Lands End.

These durable pants have features ordinarily found only in wool dress trousers. Like a soft Ban-Rol® waistband that prevents "belt flop-over," the extra durability and comfort of a lined crotch and fly, even deeper pockets that hang onto keys, coins, and cargo securely. But since they're built from a care-free cotton/ polyester twill, they never need dry cleaning. Just wash, dry, and you're ready to face whatever the day holds like standing up beautiful Italian women and pissing off their husbands.

Boat Scene

I have to go back to the old standard of the Champion Grey T-shirt that is available at Target. For $9.99 they are a close match and comfy as hell. Pair them with Lands End linen chinos which are a slim fit that ride low and essentially you are ready for the Venice Canals. If you want to do without the Persol's seen here thenMossimo at Target makes a great Wayfarer type replica in a faux tortoise shell for $17.99. From about five feet away it replicates the Persol's nicely, but any closer, well...

Last Scene

When you say Bond, James Bond, you better look damn good saying it. I have to resort to my friends once again at They will make you an exact replica of Bond 3-piece suit for about $270... and it will be custom made for you! The best one to get is the Men's Mink Cashmere Suit: Selvedge: Super 140s' Mink Cashmere Regency Huddersfield Made in England. These striped mink cashmere suits are heavier than tropical wool. They are perfect for a wedding, ideal for a fancy luncheon. But you can wear them at night as well. These two piece suits feature the two-button jacket silhouette. Make sure you tell them you want a vest with it and you want the Navy pin stripe. The style is a custom tailor striped mink cashmere suit with three button fastening, notch lapel, piped pockets with flap, upper welted pocket, three buttons at each cuff, rear vent, fully lined. The trouser has a single pleated front, single rear pocket, 1.25" belt loops and is lined to the knee, zip fly closure. Purchase the blue diamond dotted tie from for $15 and a blue wide collared sea island dress shirt which you can get from Charles Tyrwhitt for $85 ( There are cheaper shirts but you have saved so much on this outfit treat yourself to a Sea Island cotton shirt- I promise you, you may never wear anything else.

Vesper Wear

So now you have a closet full of Casino Royale wear and your significant other is cursing both you and me out for it. Do her and yourself a favor and buy her some Vesper wear. There is an EBay seller named denim_blues that sells a wonderful recreation of the velvet purple/burgundy dress Vesper wears. A little less rhinestones than the one in the movie this dress is still a wonderful facsimile of the casino dress and for $24.97 you'll still have money left over for that $450 Turnbull shirt you really want. Selfish! For Vesper's 'tamer' clothes Banana Republic has several nice vintage women's suits that will do the trick but for my money you can't go wrong with Indy Magnoli's site. There he will craft and custom a vintage styled suit even with modern lines with your Vesper's exact measurements. Magnoli is also the gent that has replicated the Connery suit from Goldfinger down to the last detail. But alas, this is a Casino Royale article...

Stay tuned for Part 3 Coming Soon to include Bad Guys, Accessories, and Footwear

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