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James Bond Jamaica Villa in No Time To Die

In the movie No Time To Die we get a good look at the products placed in James Bond's villa / apartment in Jamaica. In the articles below you can find more about:

Books in James Bond's Jamaican villa

Leica camera

Blackwell Rum

Tizio 50 Table Lamp | Murano Glass Mushroom Lamp

Tivoli Model One Radio | Marantz and Bowers & Wilkins stereo equipment


James Bond owns a blue monocular in No Time To Die (2021).

In the set photos of James Bond's villa, on his coffee table, a blue monocular can be spotted. Unfortunately the monocular is not used by James Bond in the film. On the same table we can also see classic black binoculars.


James Bond (Daniel Craig) owns a Marantz tuner, amplifier and cd player and Bowers & Wilkins speakers in his Jamaican home in No Time To Die.


James Bond (Daniel Craig) has a Tivoli Model One Radio in his Jamaican house in No Time To Die. (2021) and it can also be seen in Glass Onion: A Knives Out Mystery (2022) which also stars Daniel Craig.


James Bond (Daniel Craig) has a Vintage Murano Glass Mushroom Swirl Lamp in his Jamaican house/villa in the movie No Time To Die (2021).


Artemide Tizio 50 Table lamps appear in the James Bond movies: a black Tizio lamp in No Time To Die (2021) and a white Tizio lamp in Moonraker (1979).

New No Time To Die photo confirms Blackwell Rum at James Bond's apartment

A new No Time To Die photo of Daniel Craig as James Bond shows us more details of his Jamaican home, including Blackwell Rum and probably a Leica camera.


A bottle of Blackwell Black & Gold Rum can be spotted in Bond's Jamaican house in a promotional photo from the No Time To Die set - and we can now confirm that in the film James Bond drinks the rum while talking to Nomi (Lashana Lynch).


James Bond (Daniel Craig) wears a pair of Vuarnet Legend 06 sunglasses in the film No Time To Die.


Connolly x 007

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