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Tizio Table Lamp

The Artemide Tizio Table Lamp 50 in black

Artemide Tizio 50 Table lamps appear in the James Bond movies: a black Tizio lamp in No Time To Die (2021) and a white Tizio lamp in Moonraker (1979).

This angled, minimalist lamp was designed by Richard Sapper in 1971 and is featured in the MoMA and Metropolitan Museum of Art collections.

The Tizio lamp is an adjustable table lamp that can be moved in four directions, and put in different positions. The balance is ensured by a system of counterweights. The original model had a 50 Watts halogen bulb. The halogen bulb is fed electricity through the arm from a transformer concealed in the base.

Currently the lamp is also available with a LED light instead of a halogen bulb. The LED version has a green power switch, while the halogen version has a red power button.

The Tizio is available in a variety of sizes and colours; the original, and most widely known, is the Tizio 50 (referring to the wattage of the halogen bulb) in black. The mid-sized model is the Tizio 35, and the smallest version is the Micro (20 Watts).

The lamp is produced by Artemide, the company that also makes the Tolomeo Basculante Tavolo lamp that is seen on the desk of M (played by Judi Dench) in the movie SkyFall.

You can find the new Tizio Table lamps on Amazon, or find new and vintage Tizio lamps on eBay.

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Tizio Table Lamp in No Time To Die

In the movie No Time To Die we can see several lamps in Bond's Jamaican villa, including the black Tizio Table Lamp on a table near the ocean view windows (thanks to Paul for spotting this).

The size looks like the large Tizio 50 version, and based on the images so far, it looks like the version with Halogen lamp (as opposed to the LED model).

The color is black and the lamp is put in the longest position, with both arms stretched to the maximum length.

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Tizio Lamp in Moonraker

When James Bond (Roger Moore) meets Dr. Holly Goodhead (Lois Chiles) for the first time in Moonraker (1979), we can see a Artemide Tizio 50 on the table (thanks to Jörg Reimer and Robert Scheidemann for that spot). This Tizio is a rare white version, that fits beautifully in the clean white interior of the Moonraker headquarters.

You can sometimes find vintage Tizio table lamps on eBay although they are rare, but the current version of the lamp is also available in white, with the same red details as the current black model.

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One more thing: If we see the tiny pin under the light head, it is the halogen Version, if not it is the LED-Version. The white version from Holly Goodhead is Halogen, but the first Version of Tizio was generally delivered without Pin.

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