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New No Time To Die photo confirms Blackwell Rum and Leica camera at James Bond's apartment

11 January, 2021

A new No Time To Die photo of Daniel Craig as James Bond shows us more details of his Jamaican home, including Blackwell Rum and probably a Leica camera.

The photo was sent us by David from The Bond Experience who received it from Omega. The Omega Seamaster 300M No Time To Die watch is very prominently seen in the photo.

James Bond No Time To Die Jamaica Home House Apartment Omega Daniel Craig

Bond's outfit is the Jamaica outfit which he wears in and around his Jamaican home and when he drives to town in the Land Rover Series III to meet up with Felix Leiter (Jeffrey Wright).

The shirt is by Tommy Bahama, the jeans by Tom Ford and the gun is a Browning Hi-Power. Not seen in the photo are his Vuarnet Legend 06 sunglasses and Sperry shoes that complete the outfit.

Blackwell Rum
On the table we can see some liquor bottles and glassware, including a bottle of Blackwell Black & Gold Rum.

Blackwell rum on table James Bond

Blackwell RumIt was already assumed that we would see Blackwell Rum in Bond's apartment, since Blackwell created a special 007 Rum and the founder Chris Blackwell has some connections to the Bond franchise. Blackwell, famous for Island Records and helping Bob Marley become world famous, had childhood lunches with Ian Fleming at GoldenEye and was a location scout on the first movie, Dr. No (1962). He once again worked on Bond with the No Time To Die production team, providing the place where the Bond 25 announcement was held (GoldenEye), and making sure the bottle of Blackwell Rum was provided for Bond's apartment, among other things.

Leica camera
It has been a public secret that a Leica Q2 James Bond edition digital camera will be released. The camera is not yet available as the brand probably is waiting for the movie release. But leaked photos show a camera with a black and green body.

On the Jamaican house photo we can just see a black body camera on Bond's desk. It's definitely not the same model as the Leica Q2, looking at the position of the buttons it seems to be a Leica M10 with black body.

Leica M10 James Bond Jamaica House table

Compare the buttons on the camera and it looks like a Leica M10

On the table we can also spot the following books:

martin amis times arrowTime's Arrow: or The Nature of the Offence (1991) by Martin Amis
Time's Arrow: or The Nature of the Offence is a novel by Martin Amis. It was shortlisted for the Booker Prize in 1991.
ISBN: 0517585154
ISBN13: 9780517585153

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a brilliant darknessA Brilliant Darkness (2009) by Joao Magueijo
In A Brilliant Darkness, theoretical physicist João Magueijo tells the story of Majorana and his research group, “the Via Panisperna Boys,” who discovered atomic fission in 1934.

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Postwar: A History of Europe Since 1945 (2005) by Tony Judt
Postwar: A History of Europe Since 1945, written by British historian and scholar Tony Judt who specialised in European history, examines six decades of European history from the end of World War II in 1945 up to 2005.
Exact ISBN not known.

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Other items
Contact me if you know the brand of the lamp or the liquor bottle on the left of which the brand name starts with "McCa..." (and it's NOT The Macallan).

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I wonder if it is Bond’s apartment, and if it is, what is he doing with an Argentinian passport?
Does anyone know what table that these things are on? In the scene he hits a secret button and it opens up.

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