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James Bond Club Germany

Swiss James Bond Club celebrates their 25 year anniversary with star studded video and event

This year, the Swiss James Bond Club celebrates their 25 year anniversary. A great milestone which was celebrated in style at a black tie event on August (00)7th 2021 in Switzerland and an incredible video, featuring dozens of cast and crew members from the James Bond films over the years.

For Your Eyes Only - 35 years of Bonding in Cortina D'Ampezzo

James Bond Club Switzerland and James Bond Club Germany have joined forces to organise 'For Your Eyes Only - 35 years of Bonding in Cortina', a celebration of the 12th James Bond film. The event takes place from Friday July 1st - Sunday July 3rd 2016 in Cortina d’Ampezzo, Italy, a location seen prominently in the film.

James Bond Klub Germany

On April 12th 2014 the new German James Bond fan club was officially announced in Frankfurt, Germany. A few years have passed since the long-running and well-liked Bondklub Deutschland closed down, but whenever a door closes, another one opens. Such was the case when the new James Bond Club Germany (or "James Bond Club Deutschland") was successfully founded.


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