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Swiss James Bond Club celebrates their 25 year anniversary with star studded video and event

20 August, 2021

This year, the Swiss James Bond Club celebrates their 25 year anniversary. A great milestone which was celebrated in style at a black tie event on August (00)7th 2021 in Switzerland and an incredible video, featuring dozens of cast and crew members from the James Bond films over the years.

Swiss Bond Club 25th anniversary dinner

The meeting took place in the Romantik Seehotel Sonne near Zurich and was attended by 75 members and friends of the Swiss James Bond Club and several members of the German Bond Club.

Swiss Club president Markus Hartmann had arranged for three VIP guests, Drax Bond girls from Moonraker Beatrice Libert (Mademoiselle Deradier) and Catherine Serre (Countess Lubinski) and Toshiro Suga (who plays Chang in Moonraker).

markus hartmann toshiro roman fionella swiss bond club 25 years

From left to right: Swiss Bond Club president Markus Hartmann, Toshiro Suga (Chang in Moonraker) and club vice-president and chief editor Roman Fiondella.

There were drinks, a dinner and an auction led by Hansi Zweigle of 6 unique drawings of the previous James Bond actors.

Bollinger swiss bond club dinner

The appropriate drink to celebrate is Bollinger of course

During the lavish dinner, the special anniversary video was shown for the first time. This video had taken Markus Hartmann over 15 months of hard work, together with video editor Benjamin Lind (The Bond Bulletin). Hartmann had written to many James Bond stars and asked for a birthday greeting. He had hoped that he would get at least 25 together, but in total there were over 50 responses.

Make sure to watch this video, with so many of the great actors and actresses that we know so well from the Bond films. The list of names is very long, and includes Carolina Munro, Joanna Lumley, Sylvana Henriques, Terence Mountain, John Mureno, Julian Glover, John Cleese (very funny part!), Robert Davi and Andreas Wisnievski (his contribution was hilarious, so well done).

judi dench video swiss bond club 25 anniversary

It starts off with an intro of no-one less than Dame Judi Dench, who played M from 1995 - 2012. 

Watch the full video here:

Afterwards, an interview was shown by David Zaritsky from The Bond Experience, speaking to Markus Hartmann and Benjamin Lindt about the creation of their video.

Of one of the videos, from Oscar winning sound editor (Goldfinger) Norman Wanstall, a longer version is available on the Swiss Bond Club YouTube Page.

At the event there were autographs session with the 3 guest stars, while Steffen Appel signed his book The Goldfinger Files.

Towards the end of the event, Markus brought Martijn Mulder (On The Tracks of 007) and Steffen Appel up front. Both reported on new projects in terms of book and location tours, and Martijn presented an On The Tracks of 007 video for the evening:

Bond Lifestyle wants to congratulate the Swiss Bond Club with their 25th Anniversary and the amazing video they have created.

With thanks to Markus Hartmann, Benjamin Lind and Wolfgang Thürauf

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