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New German James Bond club officially announced


On April 12th 2014 the new German James Bond fan club was officially announced in Frankfurt, Germany. A few years have passed since the long-running and well-liked Bondklub Deutschland closed down, but whenever a door closes, another one opens. Such was the case when the new James Bond Club Germany (or "James Bond Club Deutschland") was successfully founded.

James Bond Club Germany 2014

The foundation participants in the Frankfurt Main Station

The foundation meeting was held from 11am - 06pm in the Station Lounge just opposite Frankfurt Main Station where 15 eager James Bond enthusiasts collected ideas, defined the clubs future purpose and actions, adopted the club's charter and voted on the executive committee. The new president of the club is Andreas Pott, Wolfgang Thürauf will act as vice president and Benjamin Lind will be functioning as a consultant for the committee.

James Bond Club Germany president

Newly elected Club President Andreas Pott chairing the meeting

James Bond Club Germany Benjamin Lind

Benjamin Lind signing the Clubs charter

Further information on the Club will be made available soon on the club website and on The Bond Bulletin as soon as they become available, so that anyone interested can join or get in contact with the club.

James Bond Club Germany 2014 group

Official Group Photo of the foundation participants

Bond Lifestyle wishes the club all the best and hopes to see some great events and maybe another Bond magazine from Germany. Guten Abend!


Dear Bond Lifestyle Team, thank you, in the name of all our founding members, for running the story. We are certainly looking forward to many interesting experiences with our club and the global Bond community. All the Best, Benjamin Lind

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