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Vodka glasses and caviar set

photo © United Artists, Eon Productions
Pierce Brosnan and the vodka glasses and caviar set in Tomorrow never Dies
photo © United Artists, Eon Productions

photo thanks to asp9mm at
Caviar and Vodka glasses set
photo thanks to asp9mm at

photo © LSA
LSA Boris vodka glasses 50ml
photo © LSA

In Tomorrow Never Dies (1997), James Bond (Pierce Brosnan) drinks Smirnoff vodka from long shot glasses with a heavy base. Bond's shot glass is part of a silver caviar set with 6 glasses and caviar bowl.

This exact same set is currently impossible to find, but similar sets are sometimes available on eBay. It might have been from Thomas Goode, who made a similar set.

LSA Boris Vodka Glasses
A very similar style shot glasses is made by LSA, the LSA Boris Vodka Glasses.

The Boris measures 16,5 cm high x 4 cm diameter and can hold up to 50ml (6.5" x 1.5", 1.7fl oz).

Get the LSA Boris Vodka glasses at one of the following stores, they come in a set of 2: ($75) (£48)

Amara US ($72) Amara UK (£48)

LSA glassware was spotted in SPECTRE, at the grand table during the SPECTRE meeting in Italy.

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I have the original dish , bought in 1998 in London

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