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Stolichnaya Vodka

photo © United Artists, Danjaq LLC, Columbia
The Stolichnaya bottle seen in the film (left) and the current bottle (right) have a slightly different design
photo © United Artists, Danjaq LLC, Columbia

photo © Stolichnaya
1980 advertisement for Stolichnaya, showing the label with four 'gold medals' on the right side, as seen in A View To A Kill
photo © Stolichnaya

Stolichnaya vodka is most prominently featured in the movie A View To A Kill (1985).

Kimberley Jones: "Mission Accomplished?"
Bond: "Best Beluga. Vodka, rather shaken. And one microchip."

After recovering a microchip from 003's body in the pre-title sequence of A View To A Kill, James Bond can relax in the iceberg submarine, enjoying the best Beluga caviar, Stolichnaya Vodka and Kimberley Jones. 

The Stolichnaya bottle seen in A View To A Kill and the current bottle have a slightly different design (see comparison on the left), with the four 'gold medals' at the bottom of the label. Additionally, the bottle in the film doesn't have the words "Russian Vodka" written at the bottom of the label, which all regular Stoli bottles seem to have, so this might indicate a custom made bottle or label for the film.

In The Living Daylights (1987) Kara Milovy drugs Bond with a martini made with Stoli, Martini Bianco and chloral hydrate.

Stolichnaya Premium vodka, also known as Stoli, is made of wheat and rye grain sourced from the Tambov region of Russia and mixed with pure artesian water. Bottled and distilled in Latvia, the brand's logo features the words "Stolichnaya vodka" in gold cursive script, over a drawing of a Moscow landmark, the Hotel Moskva, where Stalin once stayed and the site of one of the first Metro stations in the Russian capital city. The word "Stolichnaya" can be translated as something like "from the capital city".

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We also see Stoli in License to Kill. At the end, when Bond is talking to Felix on the phone, on the bar in front of Bond is a bottle of Stoli and a bottle of vermouth. Seems to me Stoli is the Dalton version of Bond's preferred Vodka. I'm a fan of the brand myself.

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