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Absolut Red Label 100 Proof

Bond's suitcase full of delicacies
Bond's suitcase full of delicacies
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The film bottle (left) compared to an Absolut 100 bottle on a 1990 advertisement.
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In the movie Never Say Never Again (1983), James Bond (Sean Connery) shares a bottle of Absolut Vodka Red Label 100 Proof with Patrica Fearing (Prunella Gee), an osteopath at health clinic Shrublands.

Although Bond is required to change his eating and drinking habits at Shrublands, he has smuggled a large case filled with delicacies into his room. The case contains a bottle of Absolut Vodka, Château Cheval Blanc red wine (including one wineglass and a classic wooden corkscrew), red and blue jars of Beluga caviar, a dozen quail eggs, Angniez crème de foie gras, Patum Peperium (also known as Gentleman's Relish, a type of anchovy paste) and some toast. 

The bottle of Absolut can first be seen when Bond opens the suitcase to show the contents to Patricia. The bottle in the case has a red Absolut Vodka text, the text "100 PROOF" in red at the bottom, an aluminum top and silver label. It looks like a 1 litre size bottle, but could also be the 700ml bottle. Bond is not actually seen drinking the vodka, but later when Bond and Patricia are in bed, the opened bottle of Absolut (next to the opened bottle of wine, toast, caviar and relish) is standing on the bedside table, so we can assume they both had a least one shot of the vodka to go with the caviar.

Absolut Vodka 100 Proof was introduced in 1979 and production ceased in 2006.

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