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Tom Ford FT108

Daniel Craig as James Bond wears Tom Ford FT109 sunglasses in Quantum Of Solace.
Daniel Craig as James Bond wears Tom Ford FT109 sunglasses in Quantum Of Solace.
photo © MGM, Columbia Pictures, Eon Productions
Photo ©
Tom Ford TF108 sunglasses
Photo ©

Photo ©
Tom Ford TF108 sunglasses
Photo ©

photo © MGM, Columbia Pictures, Eon Productions
Daniel Craig as James Bond wears Tom Ford FT109 sunglasses in Quantum Of Solace, Haiti scenes.
photo © MGM, Columbia Pictures, Eon Productions

photo © MGM, Columbia Pictures, Eon Productions
Daniel Craig as James Bond wears Tom Ford FT109 sunglasses in Quantum Of Solace, Bolivia scenes.
photo © MGM, Columbia Pictures, Eon Productions

Tom Ford 108 James Bond sunglasses with James Bond branded packaging

In Quantum of Solace (2008), James Bond (Daniel Craig) wears Tom Ford sunglasses, model FT108. Although they are very similar or identical to Oliver Peoples Airman sunglasses, they were finally identified to be Tom Ford sunglasses. (Read the thread about the confusion between Oliver Peoples and Tom Ford on forum, and another related thread).

James Bond wears the Tom Ford sunglasses in many scenes and locations throughout the film, including when he meets with Mathis at Villa Le Torre, Italy, and during the Haitian scenes (filmed in Panama).

The glasses, made of a semi-matte rhodium frame with black temple tips and smoke blue lenses (19V) are handmade in Italy by Marcolin. The glasses come in a special case with James Bond logo. 

Unfortunately these sunglasses are now not available anymore. The only chance to find these online is on

shop now

Original retail price: around £200 / $350 - $450 / €250.

A pair of original screen used Tom Ford 108 sunglasses was auctioned at the 50 Years of James Bond - The Auction at Christie's at the end of September 2012 and sold for £23,750.

In SkyFall (2012), James Bond wears a similar pair of Tom Ford sunglasses, the Tom Ford Marko. In SPECTRE (2015) Bond wears two pair of Tom Ford sunglasses, the Henry Vintage Wayfarer and the Snowdon, which are still popular frames to this day.

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Please note that the above link has changed to:

Any questions about the Airman, please feel free to email me or call on 020 7813 1234.

For those like me that bought the 2 pairs of Persol's featured in CR then this link which seems to confirm the correct make and type may be of interest - i've put my deposit down and look forward to April!


the glasses are Tom fords not Oliver Peoples...proof

I can confirm that it is from Tom Ford as I got a confirmation from a well known retailer. The one that adamsimmonds has is similar but NOT the one in the movie.

Oliver Peoples has discontinued the frame but adamsimmonds still has it because they order it from Oliver Peoples specifically. That is also why they are the only shop that still have that frame.

It is DEFINITELY Tom Ford and not Oliver Peoples. The retail price for the Tom Ford sunglasses is also not as expensive as the one from Oliver Peoples that adamsimmonds has.

I have got confirmation from Oliver Peoples themselves. Below is the email that I have got:

"I am excited to hear that you would like to add to your collection with the Airman. Please note that Oliver Peoples does not have any official connection with the James Bond movie, however if you are interested in purchasing the frame, I can direct you to a couple of authorized retailers in London who should have this frame available."

I purchased a pair of the new Tom Ford "007" sunglasses and had to show them off! These are awesome and oh so Bond!

these tom ford aviators are great and I likely will be buying a pair, however I would very much appreaciate if anyone knows and can help me find the source for the other really neat "Rayban style" glasses that were worn by co-star Mathieu Amalric??? they were really neat as well and I like the 50's, 60's styling and the large sides. and help would be appreaciated, I can be reached at thanks

thanks for info... i actually just ordered at

for $349 with free shipping. I cant wait!

Does anyone knows which one is the exact model that bond uses in the Quantum of Solace?
And about the color, is it silver or gold?


Is a limited edition and the reference is Tom Ford James Bond TF108-19V, the frame is semimatte rhodium/black leather temple tips and lenses in smoke blue.
One size only 57-15-130.

I bought a pair in the Gold/Gold Mirror earlier today. I must say, they are very comfortable to wear and the lenses are excellent.

Well worth a look if you can be tempted to part with the $.

P.S. Dont try them on or You'll end up buying them anyway!

I checked out a pair at the local mall the other day. $450 for a pair of sunglasses? Completely laughable. Plus, they don't look nearly as nice in person. And what's with the online vendors? The Tom Ford website doesn't list them as authorized sellers. You know what that usually means . . .

Dose any one know name of the sunglasses that elvis whore in quantum solace ..i cant find them any where

Ok, so I've had a change of heart regarding these glasses. When the lens on my Persol's cracked I decided to give them another look see. I found a better deal on Amazon ($299) and ordered a pair. I still think they are too expensive but the look has really grown on me. If you can afford them and not think twice about how much you are spending, then I say go for it.

Just my pair of Tom Ford's. The fit is perfect and very comfortable. I do believe, however, that Persol's do a better job of shielding your eyes from the sun.

You can find a replica pair of these at normal price is $15.00. Right now they are on sale for $13.56 shipping cost around $1.56 making the total cost around $16.00.

These may be the closest thing you can get to the TF108's now. Have silver frame with blue lenses available. I think I may have to order them :)

I have owned the james bond edition of these sunglasses for just over a year now and i still love them. they look and feel great, really comfortable too.

i found a pair in " the sunglasses hut" £175 i paid a few months ago,, they are great to wear, very comftable and easy to view through, keep searching folks,,

I kinda doubt anyone will even see this considering I'm the first post in here in 5 years haha, but I was wondering if anyone could recommend me a pair of glasses that are similar to these in style and size, seeing as how these are very difficult to find now, and are also of course quite expensive. If anyone sees this and can help I'd greatly appreciate it!
The closest you can get to these are the TF207 William. They are litterally the same glasses, but with a smaller second nose bar, and plastic temple tips instead of leather. I bought mine 8 years ago & wear them everyday. Luckly I was able to find the Rhodium frames with blue lens, but they're sold out of them on amazon. If you don't mind a different color combo, I would highly recommend you pick up a pair. Here is a link:
May I second that I've been trying to track down a pair of those Tom Ford TF108 Sunglasses that Bond wore in the movie "Quantum of Solace" as well. The last price quote I got was $2000.00!!! Listen, I love ya James, but $2K??!!-C'mon Man!!! There's gotta be a manufacturer (or a web-site) out there somewhere that, at the very least, makes some knock-offs or replicas... Does Anyone Know??? I feel your pain Wickett... Thanks!
I have a pair of these for sale. email me at if interested. Worn maybe 3 times. Original box. Make an offer.
I have a pair for sale. Email me at

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