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Thunderball breather and Die Another Day breather

Thunderball breather replica by Factory Entertainment
Thunderball breather replica by Factory Entertainment
photo © Factory Entertainment

photo © Factory Entertainment
Die Another Day breather replica
photo © Factory Entertainment

photo © Factory Entertainment
Each breather set comes with a display stand, acrylic cover, numbered limited edition plaque, COA, and detailed prop story booklet.
photo © Factory Entertainment

As a Navy Commander, James Bond is well versed in the sub-aquatic and has used numerous underwater gadgets in his five decades onscreen, two of the most famous being the ‘Breathers’ seen originally in 1965’s Thunderball, and then revisited in a revised form in 2002’s Die Another Day. While not the same prop, they share a common heritage and this new set created by Factory Entertainment showcases their evolution. Both replicas in one set designed to honor and celebrate the art of the 007 film prop.

The Factory Entertainment Breather Evolution Set prop replicas were created after exhaustive and careful study of surviving props in the EON Productions archives and reference materials such as blueprints, photographs and reference documents. Both replicas are an exact and precise copy of each original prop. Grateful thanks is extended to forum members Pete and Jeff for their assistance and input with this project.

Thunderball Breather
Issued to Bond, played by Sean Connery in the Bahamas by Q, the prop is famously used by 007 to infiltrate Largo's lair through the shark infested pool. Utterly convincing on screen the prop was simply held in Connery's mouth while he held his breath. The prop was created by the EON prop team at Pinewood studios in England, manufactured from a mixture of custom-made machined parts and some pre-existing items, including the micro-sized gas canisters that were used to carbonate the contents of a soda siphon, a staple in most 1960’s British households before the advent of widely available prepackaged soda. Often referred to as a rebreather, this prop is never actually named in the film. Q simply says 'In the event of a rebreather not being available you can use this device'.

The breather in the film and this replica perfectly fit in an aluminum Romeo y Julieta Churchill cigar case, in which it is originally presented to Bond by Q.

This Thunderball breather prop is the best and most accurate replica so far.

Die Another Day Breather
In Die Another Day, James Bond, this time played by Pierce Brosnan, is issued a new updated version of the breather. It is used in the film to enter Gustav Graves lair in Iceland undetected. Mirroring history, the prop was also made by the EON prop team at Pinewood studios, once again using a mixture of found parts alongside custom-made parts. The canisters this time were actually keychains in the style of miniature air tanks, manufactured by a sub aqua supply company to store full-sized air tank ‘O’ rings. These where re-purposed and added to a central aluminum body. This prop was fitted with a more comfortable rubber mouthpiece from a commercially sourced snorkel. The replica is an exact copy of the original, which still exists in the EON archives.

Each finely crafted breather replica set comes with a museum quality display stand, acrylic cover, numbered limited edition plaque, COA, and detailed prop story booklet.

Limited to 500 pieces. The first props were delivered in Q4 of 2013. Available at the 007 Shop and on

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Thunderball breather, where can this be bought? London UK.
does this stupid thing work i need it for the real world

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