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Goldfinger Tracking device prop replica


In the movie Goldfinger (1964), James Bond (Sean Connery) receives two transmitting devices, or ‘homers’ as they are referred to on screen, from Q-Branch. Factory Entertainment has created extremely accurate replicas of these devices.

The production of these replica props is limited to 500 pieces, but still available at the 007 Shop or ($359.99).

The smaller device was standard field issue for all agents. Its larger brother was designed to track vehicles from a receiver built into the dashboard of Bond’s iconic Aston Martin DB5, with an effective range of 150 miles.

The larger homer was used to track Auric Goldfinger’s Rolls-Royce Phantom III to his smuggling facility in Switzerland after Bond managed to secretly place it in the rear luggage compartment.

After being captured by Goldfinger and flown to the USA, Bond activated the smaller homer and concealed it in a special compartment in the heel of his shoe while on en-route. This alerted the CIA and MI6 to Bond’s location and allowed them to keep Goldfinger under close surveillance, eventually foiling his plot to irradiate the gold in Fort Knox. Bond later wraps the small device in a piece of paper with details about operation Grand Slam and puts it in the pocket of mr Solo, but Odd Job kills Solo and drives the car to a nearby auto wrecking yard where it is compacted with Solo's body and the device and paper.

Today, with the advent of GPS technology and commonplace tracking software it is easy to underestimate just how advanced and futuristic the homers seemed to 1960’s audiences. They were literally ‘out of this world’ at that time and helped to cement incredible gadgets as part of Bond’s essential arsenal.

The Factory Entertainment ‘Goldfinger Tracking device’ prop replicas were created after exhaustive and careful study of material in the EON Productions archives, including detailed technical specs and production drawings and consultation with crew members who worked on the film to ensure maximum accuracy.

This set includes two homers:

Larger Homer - Machined from solid stainless steel and aluminum the larger homer replica contains a powerful magnet. It also features a spring loaded slide which emits an electronic ‘beep’ when pulled back, exactly as seen in the film, to tell you it’s ‘armed’. Release the slide and it springs back into place ready for action.

Smaller Homer - Crafted from brass alloy and polished to a high shine the smaller homer features a manual pull back arming slide and will attract to the larger homer when placed near, as demonstrated by Q in the film. However Q, played by the late and much beloved Desmond Lewellyn, employed a little slight-of-hand and simply dropped the smaller homer onto its bigger brother. There was no magnetic attraction because smaller homer prop was made from solid brass, a non-magnetic material. We have elected to use a brass alloy that will allow for actual magnetic attraction.

The product includes a museum quality display stand and acrylic cover, numbered limited edition plaque, COA, and detailed prop story booklet. It is also presented in a 007 branded box, protected within an outer shipping carton.

The Goldfinger homing device replica is limited to 500 pieces. Order it at the 007 Shop or ($359.99).

Requires 3 x LR44 batteries (included)

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