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Tarot of the Witches cards by Fergus Hall

photo © Factory Entertainment
New prop replica set of Live and Let Die Tarot cards by Factory Entertainment
photo © Factory Entertainment

Original James Bond Tarot of the Witches Deck from 1973

Original book from Stuart A. Kaplan that comes in the vintage Tarot card sets

In the 1973 movie Live and Let Die (starring Roger Moore), a deck of tarot cards designed by Fergus Hall is used by Bond to seduce the beautiful virgin Solitaire (played by Jane Seymour). After Solitaire predicts 'Death', Bond makes sure that he predicts 'Lovers' by having Solitaire choose a card from a stacked deck of only 'Lovers' cards.

There are many Tarot readers who are not impressed with the design of this deck, calling it everything from 'ugly' to 'ridiculous', but some people do like the quite colorful and surrealistic design. As a James Bond movie prop, though, this deck is a must have for any 007 collector!

At the time of the movie, an original deck of cards was released with a 007 logo on the back of each card, and a special James Bond box. Look for the vintage special editions on eBay, there is usually quite a few on offer.

In the film itself, the cards also have the 007 logo-design on the back of the cards which is probably the only prop seen in a Bond film that has a 007 logo on it as part of the branding (although the Junkanoo 007 hats in Thunderball is also quite a nice easter egg). In the film the cards have the logo repeated on a red background, but the vintage set from that time has a blue back. The new set from Factory Entertainment (read more below) has the correct red color.

Buy Tarot of the Witches decks on eBay

Buy James Bond 007 Tarot decks on eBay

Factory Entertainment Replica
A replica deck which is identical to the cards used in the film was recently released by Factory Entertainment, and this beautiful set can be bought at for $34.99. This set features 25 different Tarot cards with 2 additional duplicate 'Lovers' cards and includes a display box, black velvet storage bag, detailed prop story booklet, detailed prop story booklet, and certificate of authenticity. Get them here.

The Tarot of the Witches Tarot Deck can also be seen in an episode of The X-Files, Season 3, Episode 4, "Clyde Bruckman's Final Response."

Tarot cards used during the filming of Live and Let Die will be auctioned at 50 Years of James Bond - The Auction at Christie's which takes place online between Friday 28 September and Monday 8 October 2012.

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As of 21May2013 these are going for $34.99 on Amazon. Sadly I did not get them sooner.
Thank you, you're right, price has gone up, I have updated the price.
I have an original 1973 James bond tarot deck by Fergus hall is there a market?
I have James bond 007 tarot deck card design by Fergus hall not mint condition opened.
I have 2 decks of original oo7 cards however, they are both in an entirely different box that I have never seen anywhere before.
I have original blue set of cards and hardback book- not in mint condition but complete
Have been in contact with Factory Entertainment and they have confirmed in an email that they never produced a 29 red set of cards, they only produced one set, 25 prop cards with 2 extra 'Lovers' card. The site owners need to amend this page because the 22 +7 cards they refer to are not official Factory Entertainment products. If they need proof, contact the company as I did.

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