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N.Peal Cable Roll Neck

photo © N.Peal
N.Peal Cable Roll Neck NPG-299B cashmere sweater in Fumo Grey
photo © N.Peal

James Bond wears a Fumo Grey N.Peal Cable Roll Neck NPG-299B sweater in SPECTRE (2015).

Bond wears the cashmere sweater in the scenes filmed in Austria when he meets Mr. White, together with a blue Dior Homme jacket (which is not available anywhere anymore).

The N.Peal Cable Roll Neck NPG-299B in Fumo Grey (100% Cashmere), is available on the N.Peal website for £339, worldwide shipping available.

UPDATE OCT 2019: the sweater is now part of the officially licensed 007 Collection and comes with 007 packaging and 007 label.

Free delivery in the UK
Free international delivery for orders above £350

visit website npeal

In SPECTRE, Bond also wears two N.Peal NPG-300 Fine Gauge Mock Turtle Neck sweaters: one in the colour Dark Charcoal Grey and one in the color Lapis Blue.

During the SPECTRE press announcement in December 2014, Bond wore an N.Peal Oxford Round Neck cashmere sweater, the same model that he wore in the movie SkyFall but in colour Imperial Blue.

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Please identify the blue/navy jacket he wears over this sweater and update the post!
Dior Homme FW 2012 collection. Not for sale any longer but when it was, retail was $5000.
Thanks for the info! And glad to know that even if it was available, I wouldn't buy it for that price anyway haha. I did look like about a $5k jacket, though.

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