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This is the entire N.Peal 007 Cashmere Collection

18 October, 2019

A brand new N.Peal 007 Cashmere Collection celebrates more than 50 years of James Bond. The collection is a collaboration with EON Productions and includes recreations and new interpretations of iconic knitwear pieces seen in the James Bond films from all decades and all Bond actors, from the early Sean Connery films up to the latest SPECTRE movie.

The collection is available starting now at

N Peal 007 Collection 2019 campaign

Scene from the promotional film for the new collection, shot outside the N.Peal Burlington Arcade store

N.Peal's connection with James Bond started in 2012 when 007 (Daniel Craig) wore an N.Peal Blue Wave round neck sweater with his Barbour jacket in the SkyFall lodge scenes. This became an instant classic Bond look and the success was continued in the next film, SPECTRE, in which Bond wore three N.Peal sweaters - two Mock Turtle Neck sweaters and a Cable Turtle Neck. All these sweater are now also part of the officially licensed 007 Collection. In addition, N.Peal has recreated a wide range of products based on classic Bond outfits over the years.

Let's take a look at the all outfits chronologically by movie. 

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We start in 1964, with the movie Goldfinger. N.Peal recreated several products based on items in the film, including one item for your Bond woman!

First, the black N.Peal 007 v-neck jumper and polo are inspired by an outfit seen in the film, when James Bond (Sean Connery) wears a black outfit as a camouflage.

Goldfinger Black outfit Sean Connery James Bond N.Peal 007 Collection Cashmere polo vneck

The complete outfit worn by 007 in the Goldfinger film is a black v-neck sweater, layered over a black polo shirt, dark grey wool trousers, black socks and black leather shoes.

The first moment we see James Bond wearing this dark outfit is when he sneaks up Goldfinger’s plant in Switzerland at night. He overhears Goldfinger explaining how he smuggles the gold in his Rolls-Royce Phantom III, and mentioning “Operation Grand Slam”. But when Bond leaves he encounters Tilly Masterson and they trip an alarm. Bond tries to escape in his Aston Martin DB5, but is eventually captured.

In the next scene Bond is tied to a steel and gold table, and Goldfinger is planning to slice Bond in half with a laser. But James Bond mentions “Operation Grand Slam”, causing Goldfinger to spare Bond's life.

Then we see Bond, still wearing the same outfit, when he wakes up with Pussy Galore in Goldfinger's Lockheed JetStar private jet that brings him to Goldfinger’s stud farm near Louisville, Kentucky. In the airplane, James Bond finally gets the chance to clean up. He first shaves with a Gillette razor (which contains a tracking device that he puts in his shoe) and then we see him appear in his famous Anthony Sinclair three-piece suit.

N.Peal black v-neck sweater polo cashmere 007 collection

N.Peal has recreated Bond's Black V-Neck Sweater and Short Sleeved Polo Shirt. Both pieces in fine gauge 70% cashmere, 30% silk (the silk adds some extra strength to these very fine pieces).

For more info on this outfit, read Bond Lifestyle's exclusive preview article here.

Fine Gauge V-Neck Sweater, Black, £295
70% Cashmere 30% Silk NPG-544JB

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Fine Gauge Polo Shirt, Black, £259
70% Cashmere 30% Silk NPG-461JB

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In the collection there is one item for the Bond women. A black Roll Neck Sweater inspired by the one worn in Goldfinger by Tilly Masterson, in the same scenes that James Bond wears his black v-neck and polo outfit.

Tilly Masterson turtle neck Goldfinger N.Peal 007 Collection Cashmere

Tilly Masterson wants to avenge the murder of her sister Jill by killing Goldfinger. When her first attempt fails, she tries again only to end up on the wrong end of Oddjob's lethal hat.

The N.Peal 100% superfine cashmere Roll Neck Sweater in Black epitomises this look.

N.Peal turtle neck Tilly Masterson Goldfinger James Bond 007 Collection cashmere

Superfine Roll Neck Sweater, Black, £249
100% Superfine Cashmere NPW-866JB

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Also in Goldfinger, 007 meets with M to discuss his next assignment and the suffocation of Jill Masterson found dead after being painted gold.

Goldfinger suit waistcoat jacket knitted tie Sean Connery M NPeal

Bond wears a blue jacket with waistcoat and tie. N.Peal took some liberties in recreating this look, especially the Milano Knitted Navy Jacket is quite different from the original, but paired with the Milano Knitted Waistcoat in Fumo Grey and a knitted tie, all in 100% cashmere, it creates a unique look in itself.

N.Peal Goldfinger kintted waistcoat jacket tie cashmere 007 collection James Bond Sean Connery

Milano Knitted Jacket, Navy, £795
100% Cashmere NPG-346JB

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Milano Knitted Waistcoat, Fumo Grey, £329
100% Cashmere NPG-489JB

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Knitted Cashmere Tie, Navy, £95
100% Cashmere NPA-661JB

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Some very interesting recreations in the N.Peal 007 Collection are the outfits from On Her Majesty's Secret Service (1969).

The first outfit is the blue zip up worn by George Lazenby as James Bond when he escapes Blofelds's lair and embarks on a mountain-top ski chase; evading his assassins by barrelling down the impressive alpine slopes.

N.Peal recreated the look with an Ivory Tubular Roll Neck sweater worn under a Light Blue Zip Through Bomber, both in 100% cashmere.

NPeal blue zip jacket turtle neck george lazenby james bond ohmss majesty secret service

Zip Through Bomber, Light Blue, £379
100% Cashmere NPG-475JB

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Roll Neck Sweater, Ivory, £249
100% Cashmere NPG-480JB

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To complete the look, N.Peal has created gloves and a hat. Especially the gloves are very nice, with red cashmere lining and 007 logo on the button.

Leather & Cashmere Lined Gloves, Black, £129
Leather / 100% Cashmere NPA-680JB

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Chunky Ribbed Hat, Navy, £119
100% Cashmere NPA-160JB
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In the same film, after James Bond rescues the beautiful Countess Tracy di Vicenzo, her father Draco makes Bond an offer to give him the resources necessary to locate Blofeld if he will marry her. Bond declines but eventually a genuine romance blossoms. When meeting Draco Bond wears another zip up jacket, layered over an orange turtle neck.

NPeal OHMSS George Lazenby James Bond 007 zip up jacket mock turtle neck

The Turtle Neck is 85% cotton, 15% cashmere for a lighter layer under a brown 100% cashmere zip through Bomber Jacket.

NPeal zip jacket orange turtle neck james bond george lazenby ohmss majesty secret service

Bomber Jacket, Heather Bark, £349
100% Cashmere NPG-518JB

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Fine Gauge Mock Turtle Neck, Orange, £179
15% Cashmere, 85% Cotton NPG-545JB

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The turtle neck look is a great outfit for every Bond. Roger Moore wears a black polo neck in his first Bond film, Live and Let Die (1973). This look, with the brown leather gun holster, might have been the inspiration for Daniel Craig's SPECTRE poster look with the N.Peal mock turtle neck sweater (see further down below).

In the film Live And Let Die, after James Bond has planted bombs in Kananga's poppy fields, Solitaire is led out for her execution at the voodoo sacrifice. Bond rescues her before the explosion takes place that destroys the poppy fields putting an end to Kananga's plan to monopolise the international drug trade and exploit the San Monique locals.

Roger Moore turtle neck sweater Live and Let Die black

N.Peal's classic Black Polo Neck Sweater in 100% Cashmere was the ideal candidate for this inspired piece.

NPeal Live and Let Die turtle neck sweater Roger Moore James Bond

Classic Polo Neck, Black, £295
100% Cashmere NPG-120JB

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In the 1981 movie For Your Eyes Only, James Bond (Roger Moore) leads an assault together with Columbo on Kristatos’ mountain hideout St. Cyril’s Monastery. After a fierce physical battle Kristatos is killed and Bond destroys the valued ATAC (Automated Targeting Attack Communicator) rather than let if fall into the hands of the KGB.

During the scenes filmed in Greece, Bond wears a thick wool sweater with quilted waistcoat (or 'gilet' or 'body warmer') with patches on the shoulder and a front zipper. He wears black pants and a blue wide collar shirt from Frank Foster under the sweater (one of these shirts was auctioned at PropStore in 2015).

NPeal Sweater body warmer waistcoat quilted zipper Roger Moore James Bond For Your Eyes Only

This is an iconic outfit instantly recognisable for any Bond fan. The waistcoat is now recreated by N.Peal with diamond quilting pattern in 100% Cashmere and layered over the Chunky Marl Sweater in 50% cashmere, 50% superfine merino.

NPeal sweater body warmer zipper quilted 007 collection cashmere

Diamond Padded Waistcoat, Lava Blue + Navy Leather Patches, £549
100% Cashmere NPG-484JB

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Chunky Marl Sweater, Grey Marl, £439
50% Cashmere, 50% Superfine Merino NPG-483JB

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Timothy Dalton and his excellent performance as Bond and matching outfits has not been forgotten in the N.Peal 007 collection.

In The Living Daylights, Bond wears a long sleeve polo when he and Pushkin agree to fake his assassination and he discovers a plot by Koskov to have MI6 kill the KGB General. Afterwards Bond ends up on a Russian military base in Afghanistan with Kara.

NPeal Living Daylights long sleeve polo 5 buttons Timothy Dalton James Bond 007 Collection

N.Peal recreated the look with a 5-button Long Sleeved Polo Shirt in 100% cashmere.

NPeal Living Daylights 5 button sweater long sleeve 007 Collection

5 Button Polo Shirt, Navy, £329
100% Cashmere NPG-517JB

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In another famous scene from The Living Daylights, an explosive car chase results in Bond and Kara sledding briskly down the mountain in her cello case doubled up as a toboggan, escaping Russian soldiers' fire by crossing the Bratislava border into Austria. Bond wears a thick sweater.

N.Peal has recreated this classic Fisherman’s style Rib Round Neck sweater in 50% Cashmere, 50% superfine merino. Taking artistic license, N.Peal adds a Fine Gauge Neck Scarf and Chunky Ribbed Hat in 100% cashmere.

Npeal fishermans sweater Living Daylights 007 cashmere collection

Fisherman's Rib Round Neck Sweater, Dark Charcoal, £395
50% Cashmere, 50% Superfine Merino NPG-516JB

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Fine Gauge Checked Scarf, Mid Grey Check, £229
100% Cashmere NPA-668JB
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Chunky Ribbed Hat, Navy, £119
100% Cashmere NPA-160JB
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While James Bond (Pierce Brosnan) is being evaluated, he embarks on a high-speed race in his Aston Martin DB5 against Xenia Onotopp's Ferrari F355 GTS in the mountains near Monte Carlo. Bond wears a navy Aran style sweater, with blue dress shirt and silk day cravat, paired with light brown (Brioni) trousers and brown leather Church's Chetwynd shoes and a nOmega Seamaster 300m Quartz.

N.Peal's GoldenEye inspired sweater has a more basic design than the original (see here) but offers a 100% cashmere cable crew neck sweater in Navy to get a similar look. A great sweater fo a casual but stylish look, especially when worn like Bond with dress shirt and day cravat, but also easy to combine with jeans.

N.Peal cashmere GoldenEye sweater cable crew neck 007 collection

For a close look at this sweater, read this article.

Cable Crew Neck Sweater, Navy, £329
100% Cashmere NPG-071JB

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In Die Another Day (2002), James Bond (Pierce Brosnan's last outig as 007) embarks on a mission in Iceland to uncover antagonist Graves's evil plan, but in turn finds himself fighting Mr. Kil in a room full of out-of-control laser beams in order to rescue Jinx from Zao's intention.

The sweater in the film was by Ballantyne, but that sweater has been impossible to find since it was discontinued long ago. N.Peal recreates this piece as a Chunky Ribbed Polo Neck Sweater made in 50% cashmere, 50% superfine merino, with a very similar design to the original sweater.

NPeal Die Another Day sweater turtle neck 007 collection

Chunky Ribbed Polo Neck Sweater, Dark Charcoal, £395
50% Cashmere, 50% Superfine Merino NPG-485JB

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This has to be one of my favourite and personally most worn Bond outfits. In SkyFall (2012), James Bond and M are compromised and forced to take shelter in Bond's ancestral home, SkyFall Lodge. This is where N.Peal's association with the James Bond franchise began. Wearing the N.Peal Blue Wave Round Neck Sweater together with a Barbour X To Ki To Beacon Heritage Limited Edition jacket, Bond triumphs against villain Silva and his henchmen when they attack him and M in Scotland.

NPeal Skyfall sweater 007 collection

Crew Neck Sweater, Blue Wave, £269
100% Cashmere NPG-132JB

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The original scarf in the film outfit was by Tom Ford, but N.Peal creates a similarly coloured scarf for the 007 Collection. This is a short scarf with a hole in one end through which you can pull the other end. The scarf is made from 100% cashmere, naturally.

NPeal scarf skyfall 007 collection

Herringbone Scarf, Brown / Grey, £95
100% Cashmere NPA-659JB



In SPECTRE (2015) we saw Bond wear N.Peal once again. First and very prominently in a teaser poster, and two different sweaters in the film itself.

The first sweater is the Fumo Grey Cable Roll Neck Sweater, worn by James Bond (Daniel Craig) when he walks to a remote Austrian cabin where he believes his old nemesis Mr White to reside, hoping to unravel the clue which untangles the web of SPECTRE.

SPECTRE NPeal sweater fumo grey 007 collection

Cable Roll Neck Sweater, Fumo Grey, £339
100% Cashmere NPG-299JB

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To complete this look, N.Peal offers 007 branded leather gloves and a cashmere hat to go with the sweater.

Chunky Ribbed Hat, Navy, £119
100% Cashmere NPA-160JB
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Leather & Cashmere Lined Gloves, Black, £129
Leather / 100% Cashmere NPG-680JB
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Also in the Austria scenes, James Bond wears an N.Peal mock neck sweater (in the color Lapis Blue) when he meets Mr. White's daughter, Dr. Madeleine Swann (Léa Seydoux) at the Hoffler Klinik.

Bond wears the same style sweater again, but now in Dark Charcoal Grey, when he rescues Madeleine from the collapsing MI6 building and then brings Blofeld's helicopter down on Westminster Bridge.

SPECTRE charcoal grey poster sweater james bond daniel craig

This grey sweater also featured so prominently in the SPECTRE teaser poster (see above).

NPeal mock turtle neck sweater SPECTRE 007 Collection

Fine Gauge Gauge Mock Turtle Neck, Dark Charcoal £295
70% Cashmere, 30% Silk NPG-300JB

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Fine Gauge Gauge Mock Turtle Neck, Lapis Blue £295
70% Cashmere, 30% Silk NPG-300JB

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Which one of these N.Peal outfits is your favourite? Post a comment below!

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