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Nokia phone James Bond in No Time To Die

photo © Nokia
The back of the phone in the film looks similar to the Nokia 1.4 but it's not confirmed yet if this is the exact model used by Bond.
photo © Nokia

photo © Richard Choi via LinkedIN
The Nokia phone in No Time To Die was a prototype - see the design process here, shared by one of the designers on LinkedIN.
photo © Richard Choi via LinkedIN

James Bond (Daniel Craig) uses a Nokia phone in No Time To Die. Bond receives a phone from Nomi and later in the Norway scenes, James Bond takes pictures of a map and photos to send to Q and receives a location on the phone from Moneypenny.

The exact model is not yet identified - it looks like a Nokia 1.4 or similar smartphone model, in the color charcoal or black. 

UPDATE: the Nokia phone used by James Bond is a prototype designed just for the film by (see comments below). A member of the design team, Richard Choi, shared an image and the story on LinkedIn. Together with Nokia Mobile’s head of design Raun Forsyth they had to deliver the James Bond phone in record time.

In the film itself, we can mostly see the back of the phone and we can see that a Flash is located in the center of the round camera, similar to the 1.4.

Nokia doesn't offer a Bond branded phone during the film's release, which seems like a missed chance. Sony and Sony Ericsson did release Bond phones when they provided the phones in Casino Royale (Sony Ericsson K800i and Sony Ericsson M600), Quantum of Solace (Sony Ericsson C902 cybershot) and SkyFall (Xperia T).

More Nokia in No Time To Die
Madeleine Swann uses a light grey Nokia 3310 in Matera, and Bond himself seems to be using a similar non-smartphone 3310 in dark blue model in the Matera graveyard scene.

Nokia is an official partner of the film and has released film related commercials starring Lashana Lynch as Nomi.

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NPeal sweater


HMD Global also designed a bunch of prototype models:
Actually, he used a bespoke/prototype phone (that's not available anywhere) that is very similar their current X series/8.3

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