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Nokia in No Time To Die and ad campaign featuring Lashana Lynch

20 March, 2020

Nokia has launched new phones and a 007 Kevlar Case, but the full ad campaign to promote the brand’s partnership with No Time to Die (2020) will be delayed until November. And will any of these new Nokia phones be seen in No Time To Die?

Nokia 2020 new phones

Nokia 5.3, Nokia 1.3, Nokia 5310 and Nokia 8.3 5G

Four new Nokia phones were officially revealed today: the Nokia 8.3, Nokia 5.3, Nokia 1.3 and the 5310 and a teaser advertisement was put online starring Lashana Lynch as 00 Agent Nomi who uses a cyan green Nokia 7.2 in the ad.

Nokia phones in No Time To Die

One or more of the phones launched today might actually appear in the film No Time To Die, most likely the Nokia 8.3 with its 5G capabilities, possibly used by Nomi.

Nokia 7.2Besides the 5G model, two other models have been officially mentioned to press by HMD (owner of Nokia): the Nokia 7.2 and the Nokia 3310.

The first images from the No Time To Die trailers of James Bond holding a phone suggest he will be the one using a Nokia 7.2, 6.2 or similar, a black or charcoal version (pictured on the right). This is not yet confirmed but based on the connection between Nokia and No Time To Die and the blurred images of the phone held by Bond in the trailer it almost certainly must be a Nokia. The model is hard to pin down as the phone seems to have a chrome / shiny side, which is different from any Nokia 7.2 or 6.2 available today. But this might be light effect, so it could still be the charcoal 7.2 as pictured.

Nokia 7.2 James Bond No Time To Die Daniel Craig

Bond seems to be using a Nokia in grey or black ut the phone seems to have a chrome / shiny side, which is different from any Nokia 6.2, 7.2 or 8.3 available today (p.s. the shirt is by Rag & Bone)

Regarding the Nokia 3310 in the film, some intelligence that we gathered suggests that the iconic Nokia 3310 update: 3210 (not a 3310) will make an appearance in Q's home office, but this is not confirmed. If the 3310 wil be seen and used by who stays a mystery for now.

Another possible Nokia might be seen below on M's desk. The photo is taken on the set during the Pinewood set visit of Prince Charles in 2019.

Nokia M desk No Time To Die

A yet unidentified phone on the desk of M on the set at Pinewood

An explanation for the hard to identify phones of James Bond and M in these pictures might be that the phones were possibly prototype or prop phones, since the new Nokia models were not available yet.

Nokia No Time To Die Ad campaign

Watch the Nokia No Time To Die teaser ad with Lashana Lynch that was launched today:

"The only gadget you will ever need" begins as Nomi – a 00 agent, played by Lashana Lynch, who joins MI6 following Bond's retirement - arrives on a Triumph Thruxton motorcycle (Triumph is another partner of No Time To Die). Lashana Lynch wears a similar commando outfit as in No Time To Die. She climbs atop a London high-rise overlooking the River Thames. Here, she watches as a suspicious boat appears, prompting her to send a text message to fellow spy T on a cyan green Nokia 5.3 phone (update: previously I mentioned it was a Nokia 7.2 which looks very similar, but looking at the photo lenses and flash it's probably actually a 5.3. The footage might have been digitally altered, which has larer been done again for the final commercial released in September 2020, where the phone in her hands has suddenly become a Nokia 8.3 5G).

Nomi Lashana Lynch Nokia 7.2 ad

Lashana Lynch uses a Nokia 5.3 in the Nokia Ad Campaign

Nomi then asks "Permission to engage", and climbs and jumps off a few buildings, and the cliffhanger text appears "To be continued...", (the ad will probably shown in full in November).

The last scene is Nomi saying: "M, can I call you back?".

Nomi Lashana Lynch Nokia ad

Nomi in the Nokia Ad Campaign which was filmed in London

The ad campaign was created by Grey London, and was written by Mark Fairbanks, Sue Higgs and Stephania Silveira. The commercial was directed by Amma Asante through Pulse. The production design is by Neal Callow who is art director for Daniel Craig's 007 films and one of the minds behind the 007 Elements, the Bond exhibit in Sölden.

No Time To Die was set to be released on 2 April, but producers postponed the movie until November 2020.

"Few cultural properties place technology at the heart of their appeal quite like No Time to Die," Juho Sarvikas, global chief product officer at Nokia parent HMD, said.

"Trust, security and iconic quality design are the foundations every Nokia phone is built upon and our values reflect those of No Time to Die and the trailblazing new 00 agent, Nomi. We take great pride in making the latest technology accessible to everyone and look forward to doing this via our latest partnership."

Lashana Lynch als Nomi Nokia ad 2

promotional image of Lashana Lynch as Nomi for Nokia

Nokia has revealed that the film will see Agent Nomi, played by Lashana Lynch, using the new device and taking advantage of its 5G skills. In the ad campaign, she is using a Nokia 8.3 5G.

Lynch said: "My first phone was actually a Nokia 3210 when I was about 10-years-old. In retrospect, it was my smartphone of the 90s. Being able to change the buttons and faces, whilst playing Snake blew my mind! So, after seeing how much Nokia smartphones have evolved over the years from my childhood to now, it's exciting to play Nomi who helps unveil a new smartphone for this iconic brand."

nokia lashana lynch nomi

promotional image of Lashana Lynch as Nomi for Nokia

Nokia's tagline for the new Bond campaign will be "the only gadget you will ever need"

About the new Nokia phones

HMD press release, 19 March 2020

HMD Global, the home of Nokia phones, today announces three new Nokia smartphones, a new member of the Originals family and its brand-new hassle-free data roaming service. The Nokia 8.3 5G is the first 5G Nokia smartphone added to the portfolio, and is joined by the brand-new Nokia 5.3 and Nokia 1.3, as well as the latest addition to the Originals family, the Nokia 5310.

Nokia phones in No Time To Die

Sticking with firsts, HMD Global also enters a brand-new service category with HMD Connect global data roaming, its innovative and hassle-free service that keeps you connected to the things that matter most.

007 Kevlar Case

Alongside the four new devices and brand-new roaming service, HMD Global grows its footprint announcing expansion into Brazil this year. Also, to celebrate the phone partnership with the 25th Bond movie, in cinemas in November, fans can now get their hands on an exclusive 007 branded special edition Kevlar Case for the Nokia 6.2 and Nokia 7.2.

Nokia kevlar 007 case james bond 7.2 6.2

The Nokia 007 Kevlar Case is available for around $20 for example on Amazon.

Nokia 8.3 5G

A truly global, future-proof 5G Nokia smartphone, the Nokia 8.3 5G is designed to support multiple and evolving 5G network deployments, with support for both standalone and non-standalone 5G combinations, which operators are rolling out around the globe. Being the first smartphone to use the Qualcomm® 5G RF Front end module solution, as part of its Qualcomm® Modular Platform, the Nokia 8.3 5G condenses more than 40 different RF components into a single module, making it not only a global device but also a future-proof smartphone which is ready for the next step in 5G.

Nokia 8.3 5G

Nokia 8.3 5G

The Nokia 8.3 5G also comes with a powerful PureView quad camera with ZEISS optics, letting you capture it all. Debuting ZEISS Cinema capture and editor and bringing extraordinary low-light video recording with OZO audio, the Nokia 8.3 5G is the ideal smartphone for those who want to create without limits. The Nokia 8.3 5G will be ready for what’s next, being perfectly optimised for 5G – ensuring more people can enjoy the fast, reliable connectivity for streaming and gaming wherever they go. Inspired by Finnish roots, the Nokia 8.3 5G comes in Polar Night – a colour that takes inspiration straight from the arctic sky.

Nokia 5.3

Featuring a number of Nokia smartphone firsts for phenomenal value, the Nokia 5.3 comes with a quad camera, the latest Qualcomm® Snapdragon™ 665 Mobile Platform and the signature two-day battery life.

Nokia 5.3

Nokia 5.3

The AI-powered quad-camera helps capture the perfect shot no matter where you are, even in dim light, thanks to Night Mode. Wide-angle and macro lenses help you capture close-ups, or wide, scenic shots. And with its large 6.55” screen, the Nokia 5.3 helps make the most out of streaming your favourite shows and playing games all day long. The Nokia 5.3 has a durable yet stunning, Nordic-inspired design, comes with Android™ 10 and gives fans faster access to Google Assistant² via the dedicated button.

Nokia 1.3

The Nokia 1.3 delivers modern technology and the brand-new Android 10 (Go edition) OS, at a more accessible price point than ever before.

Nokia 1.3

Nokia 1.3

Being among the first smartphones launching with Camera Go, as well as low-light AI image fusion technology, Gallery Go and a bright HD+ edge-to-edge screen, the Nokia 1.3 lets you truly see it all whether you’re indoors or in the bright outdoors. One of the first phones to launch with Android 10 (Go edition), the Nokia 1.3 benefits from more speed, more security and millions of apps to get your day going. Plus, you will stay up to date and benefit from an experience that just keeps getting better with a device that will be ready for Android 11 (Go edition).

Nokia 5310

Reimagining the original Nokia 5310 Xpress Music, the Nokia 5310 brings with it an MP3 player and FM radio, combined with powerful, dual front-facing speakers letting you carry your favourite tunes with you on the go.

Nokia 5310

Nokia 5310

The Nokia 5310 remixes classic design with a slick new feel and battery that’s built to last, keeping you connected day after day.

Stay tuned on more info on Nokia phones in No Time To Die.

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