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Nokia 3310

photo © Nokia
The new Nokia 3310 model (from 2019) in Grey, as used by Madeleine Swann in No Time To Die
photo © Nokia

photo © Nokia
The new Nokia 3310 model in Dark Blue, probably used by James Bond in No Time To Die
photo © Nokia

Madeleine Swann (Léa Seydoux) uses a Nokia 3310 mobile phone in No Time To Die (2021).

The phone can clearly be seen during the intense car chase in Matera, Italy in the Aston Martin DB5.

Swann takes the Nokia phone out of her Tod's Double T bag.

It looks like James Bond himself uses a similar model but in Dark Blue, in Matera during the graveyard scene. The phone can only be seen very briefly when he tries to call Madeleine.

The Nokia 3310 phone seen most clearly in the film, the one used by Madeleine, has a "Grey" colour scheme, while Bond's phone is Dark Blue.

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This Nokia 3310 is a new (2019) version of the classic Nokia 3310, one of the most popular and famous mobile phones of the pre-smartphone era.

Nokia is an official partner of No Time To Die with tie-in commercials featuing Lashana Lynch. James Bond also uses a bigger Nokia smartphone in the film.

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