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Mount Gay Rum and Soda

Bond drinks his Mount Gay Rum with soda water, but you can also mix it with cola

In the first casino scene in Casino Royale, where Bond wins the Aston Martin DB5 in the One & Only Club, he orders a "Mount Gay Rum with soda".

About Mount Gay Rum
Mount Gay Eclipse Barbados Rum is a leading product from the oldest running distillery in Barbados. Fresh pure water from their own spring, careful distillation and maturation in oak casks give Mount Gay rum its golden colour and mild, smooth taste. For almost 300 years, Mount Gay has made ultimate quality its leading goal. During production, the same age-old distillation process that has served generations is employed. The result is rum that has guaranteed the same, incomparable quality for centuries, not least of all because of the enriched soil and crystal clear spring water from Barbados.

Mount Gay Distilleries Ltd.
Brandons St. Michael
Phone: (246)425 9066
Fax: (246)425 8770

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This is a rum that I have been drinking since I was old enough to drink. It is by far my favourite rum. It has a true non-spiced rum flavour, that goes great with mixers or for just sipping. This is the only rum I use for Mojitos.

A wonderful rum that made me interested in rum drinks. I prefer it in a Cuba Libre with a Mexican Coca Cola.

I just tried Mt Gay and Cola for the first time. So much better than Bicardi or Capt. Morgan.

Did you watch the movie? Look at the drink, it's Mount Gay dark rum and club soda. You can see the seperation in the glass. that doesn't happen with cola

This is my absolute favorite rum. Admittedly, prior to Casino Royale my favorite was Meyer's Dark. It was because of 007 that I tried Mount Gay and I found a full flavored rum that didn't taste overly sweet or pungent. It was a great rum that I found mixed well with soda (to me: Coca-Cola) very well and even stood up on its own. If you know your liquor: definitely try it. If you drink Morgan, Nelson, Bligh and Bicardi: it might be worth trying, but it may be a bit above you.

It took some hunting to find this but once I finally did, it was totally worth it. Soooooooooo smooth.

Just a heads up, was at the One & Only Ocean club in Feb. The head barman told me that they no longer carry Mount Gay Rum. But.... Being the type of place the Ocean club is he could have some sent to my room at the Atlantis. Got to love the service!
Have noticed while drinking Mount Gay Rum, that it also has " ECLIPSE" on the label is there another reference to this in following bond movies ???????
The password used in the film is "ellipsis" not eclipse.
Look at the picture of the bottle literally right above this article. It says “Eclipse,” which is a term Mt. Gay use for that expression of dark rum.

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