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Red Stripe Lager

photo © Red Stripe, Desnoes & Geddes Limited, Diageo
Red Stripe beer bottles. The longneck is the one seen in Dr. No, the smaller bottle is the current bottle more widely available.
photo © Red Stripe, Desnoes & Geddes Limited, Diageo

photo © United Artists, Danjaq LLC, Columbia
Red Stripe lager in the movie Dr. No
photo © United Artists, Danjaq LLC, Columbia

photo © United Artists, Danjaq LLC, Columbia
Ursula Andress, Ian Fleming and Connery drinking Red Stripe on the set of Dr. No.
photo © United Artists, Danjaq LLC, Columbia

Red Stripe lager is featured in the novels The Man with the Golden Gun and Dr. No and the movie Dr. No.

In the Ian Fleming novel The Man with the Golden Gun, James Bond drinks a few bottles of Red Stripe Jamaican lager at a bordello while hunting down Francisco Scaramanga in Jamaica. In the Dreamland Café (which is part of a house of ill repute), Bond orders a Red Stripe beer. Tiffy deftly uncaps the bottle, and puts "it on the counter beside an almost clean glass." Just as Scaramanga arrives, Tiffy asks if Bond would like another Red Stripe. He says, "That'd be fine." Later, after Bond mockingly offers to buy Scaramanga a drink, the gunman kills a pair of birds that Tiffy has befriended. She takes Bond's beer bottle and throws it across the room. Bond drinks the rest of his glass of beer and then goes over to console Tiffy, who is sobbing behind the bar. Later, as Scaramanga questions Bond, he orders two Red Stripes. Tiffy brings over the beers (and two glasses) on a tin tray. After he pays, both men pour their beers and drink.

Ian Fleming himself was also a fan of Red Stripe beer, often drinking it during his extended stays at Goldeneye, his Jamaican estate.

Red Stripe was also featured in the 1962 Bond film Dr. No. When Bond first enters Puss Feller's bar, Quarrel is drinking a Red Stripe beer. There are several cases of the beer stacked in the storage room behind Puss Feller’s bar, where it is served to several patrons. During a confrontation, Bond is able to overcome Quarrel and Puss Feller, throwing the latter into a stack of Red Stripe cases.

Additionally, there are several photographs of Sean Connery, Ursula Andress, and Ian Fleming enjoying the beer while on location in Jamaica shooting Dr. No.

In the novel Dr. No, Quarrel also drinks Red Stripe beer at Pus-Feller's bar, while Bond enjoys a gin and tonic with a lime.

Red Stripe is a pale lager beer famous for its brown, stubby bottle and painted label. Light-bodied, malty, sweet, and easy to drink with a 4.7% ABV, it is frequently associated with reggae and West Indian culture.

The beer is brewed by Desnoes & Geddes, a brand owned by the Heineken Company, who purchased it from Diageo (the owner of several successful beverage alcohol brands, including some associated with Bond, such as Talisker WhiskeySmirnoff Vodka and Gordon's Gin).

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Glad to see this on the site, I've mentionned it long before and I'll say it again, there needs to be a bit more stuff from the books.
Thanks Emery. Yes, I'll be adding more products and brands from the Bond novels in the near future.

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