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Mink Glove

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Ranch Black Finnish Mink Massage Glove/Mitten (Double Sided)
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photo © MGM
Sean Connery giving Patricia Fearing (Molly Peters) a mink glove massage in Thunderball
photo © MGM

A Mink Glove is used by Sean Connery in the movie Thunderball.

After making love to Patricia Fearing (Molly Peters) in the steam room at 'Shrublands', he tries to relax her on the bed, massaging her with the Mink Glove, explaining: Bond: "Mink. It reduces the tensions." Fearing: "Not mine."

Black Mink Gloves, inspired by the James Bond movie, are available at

- CBS/FOX video version omits the scene immediately after Bond traps Lippe in the sauna, where Bond is massaging Pat with the mink glove.
- A scene where Bond receives a massage from Fearing was shot but not used in the film, and replaced by the scene where Bond gives the massage.

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