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HP Jornada 430SE

photo © HP
The HP Jornada 430SE (left) and the 420 (right)
photo © HP

photo © United Artists, Danjaq LLC, MGM
The HP Jornada can first be seen on the belt of Dr. Jones. Note the logos at the bottom left and right of the device, compared to the centered logos in the photos below.
photo © United Artists, Danjaq LLC, MGM

photo © HP / photo © United Artists, Danjaq LLC, MGM
Compare the logos on the film Jornada (right) with the regular 430SE (left)
photo © HP / photo © United Artists, Danjaq LLC, MGM

photo © eBay
HP Jornada 430SE Special Bond Edition, recently sold on eBay
photo © eBay

A HP Jornada 430SE palmtop computer is used by Dr. Christmas Jones (Denise Richards) in The World is Not Enough (1999). She uses the device to diagnose a bomb while traveling at 70 mph on an inspection rig in an oil pipeline.

The device can first be seen attached to the belt of Dr. Jones, when she meets Bond. That Jornada has the HP logo at the left bottom part and the Jornada logo at the bottom right corner (see screenshot on the left) which could indicate that it is a 420, but the side shot shows the indent in the top part of the device which seems to hint towards the 430SE. The device might also be a combination of parts or a customised version especially for the film. The device used in the oil pipeline rig for example, has two large logos in the center of the bottom part (see other screenshot) which is probably only added for extra visibility and is not available on a production model.

The appearance of the Jornada in the film was the result of the first collaboration between Microsoft, HP and MGM. The collaboration included a worldwide marketing campaign and cross-promotional efforts with MGM and HP, including print and broadcast advertising and online marketing.

"We wanted Dr. Christmas Jones to have cool, intelligent technology at her disposal. It's no longer just 007 who puts the latest technology to work. In the spirit of 'girl power,' Bond women need better gadgets too, and the P/PC was a great fit," said Keith Snelgrove, senior vice president of Worldwide Promotions at MGM. "We are really excited to be working with two of the premier technology companies and are delighted that they are joining the Bond family."

HP Jornada 430SE Special Bond Edition
The 430SE special edition had some minor upgrades from the 420, and included gold etching and a built-in MP3 player. When it shipped in 1999, it sold for a little over $500. When purchasing the HP Jornada 430SE, customers received more than $150 worth of software and a special "The World Is Not Enough" James Bond promotional pack (only available in the USA). The Bond promotional items included stereo earphones, a sleek carrying case, a collectible "The World Is Not Enough" key chain, and a mail-in coupon for three free James Bond classic movies.

twine keychain

Both the standard 430SE and the 430SE The World Is Not Enough can sometimes be found on eBay.

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