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Ferrari F355 GTS

A red Ferrari F355 GTS with tan interior, similar to the car driven by Xenia in GoldenEye.
A red Ferrari F355 GTS with tan interior, similar to the car driven by Xenia in GoldenEye.
Three different models of the F355: the GTS in the middle with the targa roof.

A yellow Ferrari F355, as can be seen in Die Another Day.

A red Lamborghini Diablo, as can be seen in Die Another Day.

In the movie GoldenEye (1995), Xenia Onatopp (played by dutch actress Famke Janssen), drives a red Ferrari F355 GTS. James Bond (Pierce Brosnan) encounters Xenia on the road while driving towards Monte Carlo and he starts to race Xenia in his Aston Martin DB5. The race ends when Bond is urged to stop the car at once by MI6 psychologist evaluator, Caroline (Serena Gordon). Bond later spots the Ferrari in front of the Monte Carlo Casino.

As Bond reveals in the Monte Carlo Casino, the car has counterfeit license plates, which indicates that it might have been a stolen car. Bond, equipped with his monocular camera from the Fort Antoine Theatre lookout point, spots Xenia and Admiral Chuck Farrel driving the Ferrari F355 in the Monte Carlo harbour as they make their way to the Manticore yacht.

The F355 is a mid-engined, rear wheel drive V8-powered two-seat coupe, targa, or convertible. and the Ferrari F355 GTS, as seen in GoldenEye, is the targa version of the F355, meaning the middle part of the roof can be taken out to create an open roof (but not as open as the F355 Spider). The Ferrari F355 was available from May 1994 to 1999. Xenia's car has a tan leather interior, and license plate 437 NAC 75 (75 is the French license plate code for the Paris region).

In the movie Die Another Day (2002), another F355 can be seen, first in the opening sequence in Korea where the diamond exchange takes place, and then in the last scene when the bright yellow Ferrari F355 and a red Lamborghini Diablo get dropped from the crashing airplane and land in a farmer's field.

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