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Monte Carlo Casino, Monaco

Casino Monte Carlo, Monaco
Casino Monte Carlo, Monaco
photo © Bond Lifestyle
photo © Bond Lifestyle
From the Cafe de Paris terrace you can enjoy the exclusive cars drive by in front of the Casino
photo © Bond Lifestyle

photo © Bond Lifestyle
Always plenty of exotic cars driving in Monaco and especially near the Casino
photo © Bond Lifestyle

One of the most glamorous Bond locations is the Casino Monte Carlo in the country of Monaco, the second smallest country in the world (after the Vatican). The beautiful casino with it's impressive facade features prominently in Never Say Never Again and GoldenEye.

The first time Bond visits the casino is in Never Say Never Again (the remake of Thunderball, not produced by EON but with Sean Connery as James Bond). Bond plays the 'futuristic' laser videogame 'Domination' with Largo as Domino Petachi looks on, during the Charity Ball organised by Largo in the casino. In the film, the casino is called The Casino Royale Monte Carlo.

In the 1995 James Bond movie GoldenEye, Pierce Brosnan as Bond meets Xenia Onatopp inside the casino. First he beats her at a game of Baccarat and then he meets her for a drink at the bar.

Casino Monte Carlo is a great place to visit, even just to see it from the outside, as the square is always humming with of the engine sound of Ferraris, Lamborghinis, Bentleys, Rolls-Royces, Aston Martins and about every other exclusive car you can think of. If you have a chance to visit the square, be sure to have a €3,40 espresso or €6,50 orange juice at the adjacent Café de Paris, where you have a splendid view of the action in front of the casino. If you want to enter the casino, don't forget to bring a photo ID and wear a suit and tie in the evening.

If you want to stay in style near the Casino, you would have to join a long list of celebrities and stay at Hotel de Paris, which is located right next to the casino. For other available hotels in and around Monaco, click here.

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Well, now that's a casino that everybody want to visit. I wish I could play there sometime.
After going to the 24 Hours of LeMans, my wife and I spent a week in Monaco. On one of the evenings we made an early evening visit to the Casino, leaving at approximately 10 p.m. Circling the drive in front of the Casino were more exotic cars than I had ever seen, and we did indeed stop at the Caffe de Paris to watch and admire them. Quite a scene.
I was there in Monaco for the Bryan Ferry concert on Aug 4th, 2013. We went to the Casino on a Monday...a bid to of a buzz kill. Not much going on except that I won 15 Euros on a slot machine. The country of Monaco should be on everyone's is beautiful and fun to walk around. Also, food is amazing!

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