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Duralex Picardie

A Duralex Picardie tumbler was used by James Bond in SkyFall during the drinking game with a scorpion and the next day in the same bar
A Duralex Picardie tumbler was used by James Bond in SkyFall during the drinking game with a scorpion and the next day in the same bar
photo © Bond Lifestyle
photo © Duralex
Duralex Picardie tumbler, 31cl (10 7/8 oz)
photo © Duralex

photo © Bond Lifestyle
The Duralex logo at the bottom of the Picardie tumbler is just visible in the film
photo © Bond Lifestyle

photo © Bond Lifestyle
The Duralex Picardie tumbler is perfect for many different kinds of drinks, including a cappuccino, fruit juice, or of course The Macallan whisky as pictured here
photo © Bond Lifestyle

James Bond (Daniel Craig) is drinking from a Duralex Picardie tumbler in the movie SkyFall (2012), and possibly in No Time To Die (2020). 

In SkyFall, James Bond uses the glass during the drinking game in a crowded beach bar, when he is hiding out after faking his own death. Bond empties the glass with a scorpion on his hand and then slams the glass upside down on the bar, capturing the scorpion. The Duralex logo on the bottom of the glass can just be spotted before Bond finishes his drink. The next mornng, supposedly the morning after the drinking party, Bond grabs a similar Duralex Picardie tumbler from the bar and pours some Macallan whisky, when he hears the report of the attack on MI6 on CNN.

The Picardie tumbler (a flatt bottom glass cup) embodies the "Original French tumbler" abroad. It can be found in many restaurants and bars and also be spotted in many other films.

It looks like Bond is using a similar cup in Quantum of Solace (after he delivers White to M in Siena) and M and Bond drink Jack Daniel's from similar Duralex tumblers in GoldenEye.

In A trailer for No Time To Die, we can also see Bond drink from what looks like a Duralex Picardie tumbler.

The Picardie tumbler is available in several sizes, from 3cl - 50cl (3 1/8 oz - 17 5/8 oz). The cup that Bond uses looks most like the 31 cl (10 7/8 oz) version.

Duralex Picardie tumblers can be found in many stores that sell glassware or can be ordered online for less than $3 per glass at or (NL).

Thanks to TinTin on AJB and Richard for the alert

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Hello Remmert, the same tumbler can be seen in the movie Goldeneye during the scene in Ms office. She prefers Bourbon on ice, Bond take the same drink in the Duralex Picardie tumbler. Greetings from Meerbusch Jörg
Thanks Jörg! Wel spotted, I have added the info.
Hello, I came across your page while looking up Picardie glasses that may have been used as props in movies. I have seen the 8 1/2 oz or 25cl, used in the film "Gangs of New York" and was wondering if others were used elsewhere. I have sold some to other collectors or fans. I have some that were made by Bormioli Rocco in the early 2000's without the logo. Is the logo visible in the other two Bond films? thanks for any information you may give me. regards Victor Sokolov

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