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Polaroid photo of James Bond and Q in Licence To Kill

The photo and a Polaroid Spectre System camera
The photo and a Polaroid Spectre System camera
photo © Bond Lifestyle

Q (Desmond Llewelyn) brings a Polaroid Spectra System Camera with deadly laser beam to James Bond (Timothy Dalton) when they meet in Isthmus City in the movie Licence To Kill (1989). When CIA agent Pam Bouvier (Carey Lowell) takes a picture with the camera, she accidentally shoots the laser beam, built in by Q. The photo shows an infrared image of Bond and Q as skeletons and even the photo of the president on the wall in 'infrared'.

Recreated by Bond Lifestyle, this is a high quality PDF of the Polaroid photo taken by Pam Bouvier in the film.

Add a Polaroid Spectra System camera (available from $9.99 on eBay) to complete your display.

Download the PDF and make sure to select "Actual Size" (or similar) in your Printer Settings Dialog to print the photo at the original size. Printing on glossy photo paper is recommended for the best results.




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